Life they say is an emotional roller coaster. Some times it’s high and sometimes it’s low. Many a times we humans start our lives with innocence, love, tenderness etc. but after facing all hardships of life by the end are filled with anger, bitterness and regret. I really want to avoid this path.

Well let’s start at the beginning.

At the risk of sounding repetitive. Like my fellow writers Astha and Sreepriya, I too am a very emotional person. I guess all women are emotional. We are designed like this by God that we tend to show our emotions very easily.

The joke which goes around in my family is that the bucket behind my eyes is always full. It just needs a slight nudge and lo behold the bucket spills and the tears come tumbling down. Well to a certain extent it’s very true. Though I am not ashamed of crying, it’s a good outlet for all negative emotions. But at times the tears come out at a very wrong time. For example when I am very angry and I really need to give someone a piece of my mind, I need to look stern and really pissed off and here come the tears in my eyes and spoil the total effect. The other day when I was driving and suddenly my car brushed against another one. The damage was minimal and it was fault of both the drivers. I needed to get down the vehicle act all serious and angry and put my foot down that it was not only my fault and I will not pay for it. But before I could pull on that serious mask out came the tears. Now how do I manage to do all that with tears in my eyes? You can all imagine what happened after that. I was intimidated into paying some damages to the other driver (anyways you know the women drivers are always at fault)

So these days for my own benefit I am trying to control these pesky tears and try that they don’t come out at a wrong time.

Being emotional is still understandable. But what is really harmful are negative emotions and negative thoughts. Self-pity, jealousy etc. I guess we have all felt these emotions some time in our life. The idea is to not let them linger long in our minds. These negative emotions have a tendency to multiply in our minds one thought leads to another and we are filled up with bitterness. I have been through such emotions many times and I make a conscious effort to kick it out of my mind the moment I realise that my mind is going on the wrong track. Some time back I had written an article also about jealousy: My affair with the green eyed monster.

Anger is another such negative emotion. In my anger I have hit my child when he did something wrong and immediately regretted doing it. In the end I was also crying with my son and feeling really sorry. But then the deed was done. And by apologising later I diluted the lesson I was trying to teach my son. Had I controlled my anger and handled this situation in some other way it would had been a win-win situation for me. In a very angry argument we sometimes say such cruel words which we regret saying later but the words are already out of our mouth so nothing can be done about it now other than apologising.

So my friends it’s ok to be emotional. Being emotional means being normal, being human. But steer clear of negative emotions and stay happy, stay blessed.




  1. Oye Kuljeete, you made me laugh so much today when I read your line – “I am very angry and I really need to give someone a piece of my mind, I need to look stern and really pissed off and here come the tears in my eyes and spoil the total effect.” That’s really true… you spoilt the total effect. 😉

    But what I like about your article is you make people give their feedback instantly. Why? Because you write easy, understandable, humorous, own life experiences and relate well with the readers life. Spectacular!

    God bless you my best writer!

    Regards, CP

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  2. So angry you cry which makes you even more angry. Been there so many times myself….great article Hon! I have a feeling this weeks topic is going to be a big help to me personally. 🙂

    Stay blessed!

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  3. Sisters we are. Happens with me all the time.. anger means crying and I have struggled to explain this to people in my life..


    1. Yes people around us misunderstand our tears most of the time.. but that’s life.. we can change others better to work on our own self..


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