Am I shackled

Am I the one caged

Let me be free, craved my mind

untangle me from these traditions

let me enjoy the bliss of flying

unchain my wings

let it enjoy the flight

the flight of true freedom.


What is True freedom? 

It is the inborn aggravations that remain in one’s heart to express what they feel is right and be oneself. In every point of life, we are either bonded by our religious traditions, family traditions, rules and regulation and what not?

In this era, even when modernization has clubbed our minds, we still are drawn to the older traditions that we grew up into. As a woman, I am only against the strong traditions that are against the women’s free will. There are still families who even though boast around modern family status still deep down considers Girls ” will ” as always a secondary opinion. Girls are still considered to be caged and tended as if they are to be tamed. They need to be well-dressed, well-mannered, obedient etc. etc. The one who deviates these basic rules laid by someone unknown but followed by every other one in the life is considered a “revolt”. 

A sense of freedom comes only when any child grows up in a healthy environment, where their interests and suggestions are inviting. Never let them hide away from people, nurture your girls to grow-up to be strong, independent and loving. Empower them to be strong enough to not to fall into the trap of “being good always”. There is no harm being bad at times. To enjoy a freedom to express, their untold emotions and desires, they need to learn to say “NO”. 

Every change to a society comes from an individual home. So let us build such an individual home, where their dreams to fly are encouraged. 

Be the mom, who show them the right path and Be the dad who can guide them to choose the right path. Be their strong foundation to let them do the right thing.