“I am busy right now, call me later.”

“I am busy baby, we will do it later.”

 “I am busy, we can eat together later.”

All these excuses we make to our self, on a daily basis for every situation we want to escape or felt extremely lazy to do is a type of procrastination. More often when am working on something, it happens that my little ones come up to me asking for my help. And most of the times I turn them down, breaking their little hearts. At times even when I could take up my time to spend with them, I end up in front of the laptop, rather than being with my kids. 

Little did I realize that I was shattering the sweetest memories that were the foundation of our lives ahead. Most of the times, we can actually give away our precious seconds to our little ones, whom we prayed a lot to bring into this world. The word busy is actually creating craters in the relation. Making those little minds get a different perspective of the busy world. 

I had regretted the moments I lost when I could easily sweep off my busy schedule for the precious and the sweetest smiles in this world. Now even if am on a running spree, I try my level best to at least glance through what my kids ask me to. The end result is, I don’t lose my time as well as I gain an extra parenting inch to my day. 

Actually, I realized that most of the time the word “busy” slips out of our tongue only when we actually are lazy to do things. It is agreeable that at times the body doesn’t actually support your mind. It is always better to take chances. Procrastinating the happiness in your life for the extra benefit of enjoying the laziness can cost you many things in life. 

At times giving up your “extra” busy life for the joyous moments in your life is important. Money or health is not what will make your life smoother, it’s the companionship in your life, which is your family. Ensuring to spent your busy time with family makes it all worth. There is no better treasure than your family. 

The sooner you realize and prioritize your family over and above everything – you will never regret. One should stop giving reasons to neglect the responsibilities with family. 

No home is perfect or stable if the foundations are not strong. Building a strong foundation is only possible when we are keen enough to keep laziness out of our schedule while spending time with family.

So lets all be busy with our family.