“Mom, look at its long neck. Why does it have such a long neck?” My son asked looking at a bird that totally amazed him. We were in Dehradun zoo and it was difficult for me take my son away from each animal. He just wanted to stand and stare at them. But Ostrich enchanted him the most. When he came to know that it is a bird – he was all the more surprised because till then he had seen only the birds of the size of pigeons and crows.

It is a beautiful bird. But since it is twice as tall as me – it does look scary. Do you know that an Ostrich can run as fast as 70 km/hr? That is faster than a horse and it can roar as loud as a lion. So, this huge but petite looking bird can’t be mistaken in case of strength.

There is common saying “Do not stick your head in the sand like an ostrich”. This saying has risen from a misconception that an ostrich usually bury its head into the sand and believes that whole of its body is concealed from the enemies. However, that is not so true. Ostrich sticks its head into the sand to swallow pebbles and sand. Ostrich also keeps its eggs in the holes in the sand instead of nests which need to be rotated during incubation – another reason for the bird to stick its head into the sand.


But the main reason for the bird to bury its head is to indicate “lying low”. Whenever an ostrich feels threatened – it keeps its head close to the ground or even buried in the sand.

In spite of being this huge and strong – the ostrich really knows the importance being close to the ground. How true is it for us humans? Bigger we become in our lives – more we lose touch with the ground. We forget that sometimes just burying yourself and lying low helps becoming stronger. We do forget that we need to stay in touch with our realities and our root always – no matter how high or fast we are.

The more I read about the Ostrich, the more fascinated I am with this flightless bird. Just one kick from this bird can kill a human or even a lion. Imagine the strength of this bird!

God has His creations which are unique in all sense. Every creature on this planet has something unique about itself. Every creature has evolved in all ways to be able to protect itself and its species.