“Dad, I want to go for a sleepover at my friend’s place,” Riya was pleading her father. “Let me discuss it with your mom and we’ll let you know” Riya’s dad said, while surfing the news channels on TV.

Just then Siya, Riya’s elder sister came into the room and said, “Dad, Sherry is throwing a party tomorrow as she won the dance competition. So, I will be going and staying back there. Her father will drop me back home the next morning.”

Her dad replied, “Yes, your mom told me about it. Have fun sweety.”

Riya was flabbergasted. And, this was not the first time. Her parents were always biased towards her sister. She had just entered her teens and Siya was 2 years elder to her.  Ever since she remembered, her parents always favoured Siya more. It was not that her parents didn’t love her, it was just that that her parents were extra sweet towards Siya.

Riya was hurt. Siya could sense her little sister’s eyes. She was a loving and caring elder sister, just like any other, and Riya also knew this. But, everytime the biased treatment left poor Riya in agony.

“It’s just that they are more concerned for you Riya”. Siya said consoling her sister.

“No”, said Riya, “It’s because they love you more.”

“You are in a different frame of mind my dear sis, that’s why you are saying like this”, Siya said.

“How come your demands are met everytime?” Riya demanded. Her voice was loud enough for her parents to hear.

“Because I am more mature than you. I am elder to you”, Siya replied.

“Darn! Just 2 years. Big deal!”

“C’mon! You know they love us equally.”

“No, they don’t! They love you more. Ever since childhood, I have been seeing. Who knows whether they gave me birth or adopted me.”

“Riya!” Siya shouted.

Their parents barged in their room. Both the sisters were in tears.

“Mom! Dad! I am sorry!” Riya apologized instantly.

“It’s all right. We think now is the right time to tell you girls the truth.”

The sisters were clueless of what their father was talking about.

“My little dolls,” their father sighed, “Your mom and I never thought that we will be telling you this. But, now, I think you must know. Your mom was unable to conceive even after eight years of marriage. There wasn’t any medical issue, and we were heck tired of the everyday visits to every other gynaecologist. Then, we went for adoption. There was a little baby in the cradle, whose parents died in a car accident and we immediately adopted you Siya. You were so lucky for us that your mom got pregnant and we got you Riya and thus, our family got completed. We always were over conscious about Siya, not to make her feel neglected at any point. But, we never ever differentiated between you two. Sorry for everything that you went through. We just love you.”

“I am so sorry Dad and Mom. All these years I was so wrong. I love you.” Riya said.

“You are the best parents in the world. I am blessed to have you as my mom and dad!” Siya said, sobbing terribly.

The whole family hugged and wiped each other’s tears. It was the end of the prejudice.



  1. I know one couple who’s family is pretty similar to the family described in the story. It’s a short story and there’s no scope to describe how an adopted child can react after knowing that she is not her/his parent’s own child. It will definitely be traumatic for the kid… I can’t even imagine how the feeling can be.

    But as a story it was very well written Preeta.


    1. Yes I too was thinking about Sia’s reaction. Wouldn’t have been easy for her to be so positive about it. But if parents have really brought her up with love and care she will understand..

      Great story Preeta…

      Liked by 1 person

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