Justice is the utmost need for the survival of anything. There was a need of justice in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve sinned and there will also be the need of justice when every human being will face the throne of God after death. On the D.O.B. man pleads for justice to get his identity and on the D.O.D. man also pleads for justice to pass-on his heritage. We need justice in the courts, we need justice in families, we need justice on football grounds, we even need justice to buy a candy from a candy-store – we need justice everywhere!

But WHAT does JUSTICE Mean?

By definition justice is, ‘the quality of being just, impartial, or fair; the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action, the conformity to the principle or ideal’.

A couple of week back I went to the New Market (in Kolkata). While on my way back I saw a 8-10 year old, dark-complexioned  lanky boy sitting on the roadside and a boy, a little younger to him lying on his lap like a dead body. Flies were sitting on his face and the elder one was bitterly crying for money. This scene really broke my heart and without thinking anything, I just gave him some money. As I walked ahead I started questioning God, “Why are you so unjust? How can you allow a small child to face such a horrible situation so early in his life?” Within a few minutes I saw another boy in the same condition in front of Esplanade metro station. Suddenly I saw something that you can never imagine. I literally raged in anger and broke the spell of my previous emotional state. As the afternoon sunlight fell on the eyes of the boy lying down, he started blinking his eyelids and then the other boy slapped his forehead. So the boy who was acting like a dead person stopped blinking eyes!

Is being compassionate a mistake?

As I discussed on it in a WhatsApp group, some of my friends said, “Avinash, you might have forgotten that this is a Global Business of emotion”, some said “you need to think twice before you give them money”, some said, “don’t judge, let God do the justice” and so on . . . 

Yes…all such statements are true. But how can I judge someone, when my support is not even worth more than an Ice-Cream to him? Or is being compassionate giving a hand to a well-organized crime?

Though we demand for a “just society” every now and then, Who really can afford us that Society?

Recently I shared the video clip of Bryan Stevenson from his Facebook Page Mr. Bryan Stevenson is the executive director for Equal Justice Initiative, U.S. He is a middle-aged black American. For a hearing in Mid West, in due uniform, he went to the courtroom early and sat down on the Defense Counsel’s table. As the judge walk into the room, he said to Mr. Bryan, ‘hey … get out there and sit in the hall there, I don’t want any defender without the lawyer’. So, Mr. Bryan introduced himself as the lawyer. Then the judge and everyone in that court-room laughed just to sugar-coat the incident’. But the question is, ‘Is this a right conduct?

When the judge himself goes impartial/unjust/unfair because of the skin-color, then whom shall we call a ‘just person’?

The world has come to such a horrible situation, where Law-Makers – Law-Givers – Law-Protectors have become perpetrators of law. Yes… I can list few names of the institutions where the degree of becoming a Lawyer (L.L.B.) is sold at a handsome price! Whether you want Birth certificate or Pension certificate, you have to bribe the officials. Even when you want to register a F.I.R., they will ask you money.

I remember when I was doing my graduation, I and my friend went to register a F.I.R. for the loss of my friend’s life-insurance bond. But our F.I.R. was not registered for two days, as the police saw that we did not show any interest to bribe them. Finally, on the third day, the lady police officer who was to register our F.I.R. asked us to bring Carbon-Paper. And she was such a shameless officer that she asked me, ‘Have you brought only ONE carbon-paper! Was there no more in the shop?’ I replied, ‘sorry Ma’am I have no money!’ I think she was expecting me to bring her a box of carbon-papers! How shameless have we become that we are not even hesitating to brandish our shame!

We have appointed school drop-outs and goons to safeguard our Laws and we think we will get justice!

But HOW?

A person who steals beef will be imprisoned for five years and for sexual harassment only two years imprisonment! I think beef matters more than human beings to some people today! So, where is Justice?

Gandhiji rightly said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”. And Nelson Mandela said, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”.  I think we are some where MISSING the GAP!

It’s time to think – to fill the gap – to draw the sacred line of justice and get a just society!

In Bible God says, “Give attention to me, my people, and give ear to me, my nation; for a law will go out from me, and I will set my justice for a light to the peoples.”

Keep thinking – keep pondering…