Hello Everyone,

How do you define a Miracle?  Well send me message in the comments section 😉.  This is how I define a Miracle:

Anything you desperately want to happen, so many hopes pinned up but somewhere deep down your heart you know it’s next to impossible.  And when it happens you are overwhelmed.  Basically it is hoping against hope and celebrating the happening of impossible”.

I know that’s a long definition.  Let me give you a recent example:  when our men’s national cricket team lost to our arch rivals (Team Pakistan, this is how it is termed) really bad, the entire country was hoping for a positive result but deep down they knew that was not going to happen.  Had the result been in our favour after the such a dismal performance then that’s a “Miracle” precisely.

Well talking about my personal experiences I am not sure if I have witnessed any miracles in my life.  Or I was simply oblivious or I am too forgetful that I am unable to recollect something that falls under the gamut of term “Miracle”.  But there is one such incident in my life that left me overwhelmed and more thankful towards God.

It was in 2005, my family was in crises of a serious order.  Those were testing days for us as a family.  I decided to quit my college and take up a job to support my family in one way or the other (*Not proud of what I did nor I am sorry for our condition.  It was a passing cloud that left us stronger than ever).  Attended half a dozen or so interviews in BPOs but without luck.  I was sinking.  One fine day got to know about vacancies in pre-primary section of the school where I completed my higher education.  Just thought of trying my luck once again.

I went there, I so badly wanted this job but a fear loomed large within me.  For the position of a kindergarten teacher you need to be qualified with prerequisite degree, must have training. And all what I had, was nothing more than the experience of teaching some handful kids at home.  All the other candidates who were apparently my competitors for that position were well equipped with the educational background and requisite training.  I thought that’s it, would never be able to make it as I was not even a graduate then. Somehow I gave the interview without expecting any favourable outcome.

One day later I got the news that I am in. I was so overwhelmed.  God surely has his ways of doing things and surely he has his angels at points to help us in the most unexpected manner.  Got to know that one of the administrative staff recommend me for the job.  And she is still in touch with me, thanks to FB😁.   Though the job was low paying compared to a job in BPO but it gave me ample time to study and complete my graduation successfully.  Patience is an icing on cake that I got from this job.

I am not sure what shall I call it, effect of recommendation or miracle but surely a golden and memorable chapter of my life.  God definitely answers prayers in his own way.

Wait another definition for Miracle: ” God’s will effected through humans”.

Can you confirm me now if I can call this a “Miracle” or not?