28th January 2004 – an unforgettable day for me and my family!

Like everyday my parents sent me to school but they never ever thought that it could be the last day for their son. My sister never thought that she would be the person to bring the bad news to my parents. My younger brother never thought that he would find his brother almost dead in another classroom. My father never ever imagined that he had to bring home the corpse of his son. I never thought that I will be carried back home like a mentally retarded boy. Yes…barely at 15 such a day dawned in my life! In an atrocious accident, I lost my memory. Still those black hours of my life are like a tale for me…whereas it is a reality for the whole world.

At 12:05 P.M., I fell back from my classroom bench and at once hit the floor. I fainted, lost my memory and got intense internal head injury. I went into a serious concussion. My brain stopped working. I was unable to identify anyone and behaved like a mentally retarded person. And in those days, my family was going through severe financial crisis. Unable to even afford the ambulance cost, my father took me back home. Their dreams for me were worn-out within a few minutes… I turned to a corpse…There was no human being to help us…No one to wipe away the tears of their eyes. In the hopelessness, my parents went on to knees and prayed thus, “Jesus, we don’t know what has happened to our son. There is no helping hand for us. We believe our son is your gift and now we commit your gift into your mighty hands. Whatever you will do, we will respect that. Amen!”

Nobody knows what happened to me, WHO did what but lo…I sprang back to life! Though I was unable to turn my head to any side, I started recognizing everyone. I was able to flash back to the hours before the accident. After a day, my parents took me to the hospital and at the first sight the neuro-specialist asked my parents, ‘How is your son alive? He is supposed to die on the spot or ought to be mad or else in coma. How can he recover to a good condition, when medical science has no answer to this? IT IS THE GOD WHO ANSWERED YOU!!!’ My diagnosis report still says that I am not supposed to go out into the sunlight till I turn 25…that I can’t study further; that I can’t memorize anything because of the internal damage is that serious and can’t be operated. Medicine and time had given an answer for me.

But I continued my study. Like every other child I finished my University study at 21 and within 3 months of my graduation, I was inducted as an on-field professional.

Will you still say there is nothing as MIRACLE???

Miracle is never ever possible without the interference of God in our lives. Humans can say great words, science can give great innovations, witch-crafters’ magic will produce destruction but nobody can give NEW LIFE apart from the One who has trampled the sting of death and has given the HOPE of resurrection with New Life and New Meaning. Bible says, ‘God has given us a new life through Christ Jesus’.

Finally I quote C. S Lewis, ‘Nothing can seem extraordinary until you have discovered what is ordinary’.

Stay tuned…


11 thoughts on “​THE BLACK HOURS OF MY 28/1

  1. Avinash your story is so amazing and it has such an unbelievable quality to it.. had it not happened to u and had I not heard it first hand I wouldn’t have believed it. If some third person would have come and told me this I would have just shrugged it off..

    Take care of your health you are a precious gift to your family.. which they almost lost..

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    1. Thank you Kuljeet for believing me and my story. Yes… that’s the way God worked in my life and also He does so in everyone’s life. His works are truly unbelievable to human eyes. Praise God…He does so!


  2. Miracle happens,but not to everyone,if the boy hasn’t suffer from that accident,hope he couldn’t differentiate between god,science and magic.
    Well written story.

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    1. Dear Biswa…’Miracle happens in every human’s life’. Every Human birth is a Miracle…His existence is a Miracle…His physical growth is a Miracle. There are so many things in our life about which science has no definition… Because IT’s A MIRACLE done by the Infinite God, which cannot be apprehended by finite human mind.
      Have you ever amazed that…we do nothing extra or superb but every morning we wakes up and finds ourselves alive, whereas there are so many people who does everything just like us but they never see the next morning. IS IT NOT A MIRACLE???


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