I am absolutely thrilled that I am writing this article today because today I really saw rather experienced something out of the world. I am an engineer who is working for Philips Healthcare. My job involves making various healthcare products like CT, MR, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc. to work together in the hospital. Part of my job also involves hospital visits and sessions with doctors they are our customers.

It was year 2007 when I saw the first surgery in my life. I was blown away when I saw the surgeon operating on a patient just by looking at the monitors. It was an angioplasty procedure where the blockage in Patient’s heart had to be removed which was causing a heart attack. It was minimal invasive surgery which meant that patient’s heart is not required to be opened up. Just a small incision on the thigh from where a catheter is introduced. It is navigated all the way to the artery that is blocked and a stent is placed there. All this by just looking at the monitors that gave him real time X-Ray images and guided him throughout the surgery.

Since then I have seen a lot of medical procedures and scans – MR, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc. It amazes me how science has evolved to show the internals of a human body without probing the body at all.

Today I had a chance to meet one of the eminent Neurosurgeons of the country. It was interesting to see what he had to say about the devices that we sell to the hospitals and his challenges with them.

Today he was kind enough to take us very briefly into an Operation Theatre virtually through a 3-dimensional TV. What I saw completely astonished me. He showed us the inside of a human brain and how he very carefully with a skill of his hands removes tumors from the brain. With such a finesse, he uses the scissors, clips and other tools to take out what is unwanted in the body. He has to be extremely alert, his hands cannot shake, every millimeter of the patient’s brain that he touches can have a negative impact on the patient. Without trembling and with tremendous confidence he cuts the right part of the brain, goes deeper and deeper inside till all of the nasty tumor is out of the brain.

We watched various surgical videos for about 30 mins and for next 30 mins, I still had my heart racing. Somebody from the audience asked the doctor – “What if something goes wrong during the surgery?” Doctor said “You know it is only the thought of God that is on my lips when I am doing this surgery. And I find myself privileged that I get a chance to work on one of the most beautiful creations every single day – Human brain.”

My first reaction to that video was “Oh, it is horrible!” because I could only see the blood and some slimy looking tissues that did not look nice in the first instance. But as we progressed through the surgery, I could appreciate the little intricacies with which our brains are designed. The network of nerves and blood vessels flowing all across, the various layers of tissues covering each other, the intricacies of the membranes protecting the insides of the brain. Oh my, I don’t know if I can really explain this more in words!

When Edison invented a light bulb, he couldn’t have imagined how this light bulb will get transformed to what it is today. When Graham bell invented the phone – he wouldn’t have imagined these mini computers that we call smartphones could ever exist. When Wright brothers invented the first airplane – they couldn’t have thought of all the kinds of sophisticated fighter plane that are made today.

Human body is a miracle which is extremely well engineered, designed and executed. But the biggest miracle of this universe is the most important part of the human body – The Human brain.

Human brain that created this science, technology and skill-set to operate on another human brain. Human brain that can imagine something that is impossible and work tirelessly to make it possible in the coming days, months, years, decades or centuries.

When medical science and the technology is used to save a person close to you – that is when you feel the real blessing of it. When my dad went through angioplasty – I realized what a boon this technology is. When I first heard my baby’s heartbeat while I was 6 weeks pregnant and later I went on to see him nicely curled up inside my uterus – I realized how this technology actually touches people.

Lives are being saved with the help of technology and medical science. Millions of patents are filed all across the world to innovate better and more. Every generation is getting a better, easier and healthier life because of science and technology.

My Tayaji (Uncle) often say this every time he is amazed by technology – “Science da kamaal hai” (It is the magic of Science).

It truly is magical how human brain over centuries of work have managed to bring science and technology to a place where it is today.