Miracle according to web dictionary is –

“An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.”

The other day I was discussing about miracle with someone very close to me. And I felt that discussion was in fact, a miracle. 😉

With my simple and limited wisdom if I have to describe a miracle then I would define it as something which we can’t do but only God can, because “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

My aunt’s father was sitting inside the cabin of the bus driver as he didn’t have a ticket. A friend of his was travelling with him. In the middle of the journey, he came to him to the cabin and asked him to go to his seat and rest for some time. My aunt’s father went to his friend’s seat after some hesitation. And after sometime the bus met an accident and the friend who went to the cabin died, as the front of the bus was crushed.

It was sad for that man. But for the other… it was God’s hand that wanted him to live for a little more time on this earth and He saved him miraculously.

My former boss’s daughter of few months old was lying on the bed and was fast asleep.

Can you imagine what could have happened?

The ceiling fan was loose and it fell on her on the bed. And guess what? Her tiny body was between the two blades of the ceiling fan and it was not revolving.

The tiny living mound of flesh was saved miraculously that day – a divine intervention truly.

If we look around, there will be thousands of such corporeal witnesses of divine interventions or miracles in this world. But when I consider my life and try to recollect, I find a few events where there’s presence of divine interventions. And those miracles were not so easy to come by. I needed to go through certain processes to witness them one after the other in life. As miracles happen because of God’s intervention, I had to know and understand THREE things about God to experience these miracles. Let me share them with you one after the other as under:

1. Knowing God’s Mind: I have always mentioned about my health in many of my articles. And many times I have explained that how I used to grumble about my health. I had a very complaining attitude. I literally stayed bitter and fought with God… looking towards the blank space. There were so many WHYs in my queries… There were many who asked me to go here and there for prayer. I went and but I was the same person… weak, sickly and ineffective.

Did people’s prayers fail? Does God fail? Of course not… It is just that I didn’t know the mind of God. And during my second surgery when I was in Manipal Heart Foundation, Bangalore in the year 2001, I found many different patients worse than my condition lying there in the hospital beds. God started to speak to me. A miracle started to take place! The healing process within me started at that moment when I started to look at myself differently. I never grumbled after that miracle because I understood the mind of God which let me understand that I will be like this till the end, for His purpose to be fulfilled.

Do you want a miracle to happen in your life? Seek God and try to know His mind about you and it will be easier for you to understand about your life than just struggling the whole life.

2. Knowing God’s Time: Three marriages in my family which made me understand how important it is to know God’s time in our life as well. The first one is my marriage. When I came to Kolkata I became very lonely for 3 years. And during all these times I had spent my time thinking about who can be my life partner. I even tried to approach one or two people and failed utterly. Then in 2004 January I prayed, “God I am not going to search for girls anymore… if you have kept one for me then give me or else give me strength to stay alone all my life.”


After 6 months I got Asmita’s proposal and we are married for the last 12 years.

Next was my cousin sister’s marriage which was fixed exactly during my wedding but didn’t go well and it was broken. There were disappointments and sorrows in the family. I was feeling really sad for her as we both were supposed to be married at the same time. Later after 3 years she married my friend and they have a fantastic family now.

Last one was my own sister’s marriage. A family came, saw her, gave positive indications and denied later on with stupid accusations. My mom was sad and weeping when I asked her to wait for God’s timing. She has a beautiful family now as well.

These three miracles happened only by going through the process of waiting and knowing God’s appointed time in our lives. I always tell my wife to wait and pray. Because sometimes God allows things in our lives because of our impatience and we lose out on the best that He has to offer. I am really scared of that: Going after my heart’s desire and then suffering for the rest of the life. 

3. Knowing God holds Life and Death: This is the most difficult process which leads to a fabulous miracle. When we know and trust that God holds the key of life and death then it is easier for us to rely on Him regarding every other thing in life. What a relief when you know that your life is safe in God’s hand? Have you ever thought about it.

God says, “I am the Living One; And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”

For this miracle to happen in my life I have to go through the process of knowing that He holds the key of life and death every moment. It is not easy at all. I struggle but I see this miracle happen every time I get confirmed that God holds the key of my life and death and so I don’t need to worry even about the life after my death. That assurance itself is a miracle which transforms my daily life.

Friends! Do you wanna live a transformed life? Do you want to see miracles happening in your life? It is a call for you today to seek and know God and His Mind, His Purpose, His Time and the fact that He holds the key to your life and death.

Stay Blessed!!! 


    1. It is not that easy yet it is not at all impossible to know His mind. He allows Himself to be known to us in many different ways which we need to grasp with His strength only.

      Thanks for the encouragement by saying so, Rajnandini.


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