While talking about such a controversial topic I ought to put up a disclaimer right in the beginning. It’s not that I am an atheist. I do believe in God. But my relationship with God is different. I have my own doubts and questions. I do not wish to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments and I apologise if have.

Tanu’s life turned upside down when her husband lost his brief but painful battle with cancer..

Anirudh was left wondering what he did wrong when after putting in a lot of hard work and toil was still given the pink slip at the end of the month. All because of devious office politics..

Both responded in the same way… Where is God? Why did he let this happen? Why is life not fair? Why are good people punished.

Just picking up the newspaper and reading about the killings and rape fills me with bitterness. I mean all people good or bad are God’s creation. Then why does he create such extreme emotions in people? And again the biggest irony is that most of the killings happen in the name of God.

When something really tragic happens to really devout people. People who don’t miss out on any Pooja or ritual or fasting and otherwise are also good people at heart I really have this question. Why? Why O why did God punish them?

I know what you will say. That it’s beyond us to understand the ways of God. But we should accept that whatever happens, happens for good. We can’t understand God’s plans. I know maybe you are right. I have had long discussions with my father in law about this. He has tried to make me understand. I understand too but when circumstances change the doubt creeps back again into my mind. Maybe whatever happens, happens for good in the long run. But what good can come out of suffering of small children at the hands of adults, or brutal rapes or untimely death in the family.

Like all of us even I have got desensitized to news.  When we read about some bad news it does rankle but we tend to forget about it very soon. But when someone close to us suffers then it really pinches, we want to set things right but it’s not in our hands. That’s when the angst creeps in and questions like why God is really doing this come into my mind.

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My good friend Chiradeep has tried many a times to clear my doubts, remove some of the bitterness from my mind. Maybe in some time his efforts would yield results… God willing…