As I was going through the articles on the current topic, ‘Rest and Relaxation’ I found people have mostly covered all areas or especially talked about Relaxation. But I have something very important to impart to you all about the word Rest.

Rest is a very comforting and soothing word. Whenever we get to hear that word our mind forms a very comfortable picture of ourselves.

The web dictionary defines it as:

No.1 – “cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength.”

No.2 – “be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position.”

The Hebrew word of Rest is nuach”. The meaning of which can be the following:

to rest, settle down and remain, to repose, have rest, be quiet, to cause to rest, give rest to, make quiet, cause to alight, to lay or set down, deposit.

Rest or Nuach is actually the mixture of all the above words or phrases.

I find three very crucial components to explain this word Rest. They are as follows:

Physical Implication of Rest: This is actually what we understand by the word ‘Rest’ in this materialistic world. After a day’s hard labour when we come back home and lay our whole body’s weight on a sofa or bed we call it REST. Falling asleep is also understood as rest or resting. Physical rest is very important for us to renew our strength. Our body cannot work like a machine without stopping. We all need rest physically.

Sometimes we need to rest some of our body parts like resting our hands or legs or eyes. Today, Pradita urged me to take rest by closing my eyes and keeping the phone aside ;). My wife works like a machine and she literally fills the gaps by doing something else whenever she gets little time after a certain work. I used to literally shout at her for doing so as that makes her tired and restless at the end of the day. If we look around, people are tirelessly working for money without taking care of their physical body though the physical labor has decreased considerably after machines coming into the picture.

Even the Bible talks about God asking humans to rest after a 6-day work in the week. Physical rest is very important.

Mental and Emotional Implication of Rest: So many times we get tired of life because of the pain, trauma, depression, divorces, heart breaks, death, etc… that we go through and we search for comfort. That comfort is what we call Mental or Emotional Rest. So many times I feel restless even after a night’s sleep. Why? Because my mind has so many things to deal with or so many hurts to tackle that it never allowed my complete being to come to a point of comfort or rest.

A tight hug, few comforting and encouraging words, a listening ear, an empathetic heart brings a restless mind to a point of rest and comfort. Emotional and mental rest is absolutely a top priority requirement as our MIND controls both our body and soul (spirit). So a mind at peace and rest is of utmost importance.

Spiritual Implication of Rest: Now this part is a bit tricky and difficult to understand but equally important as the other two aspects of rest. As we are created with body, mind and soul we need to keep our focus on all three aspects of our whole/complete being. 

Death is the word for Spiritual Rest when we finish our journey here on this earth. But alas, what is that death or rest which leads to hell eternally! A death is a rest in truest sense when we are assured of our eternal destiny or we will be going to  heaven after death. Otherwise it’s not a rest at all instead of being restless eternally.

Belief in God and His saving act confirms our entry to heaven through the gateway of death as a saint says, “as for me to die is gain”. 

Friends! Rest is important in our life. Mental and Spiritual rest are more important than our physical rest. We have to acknowledge this at some point of our life. The sooner, the better. 

Do not forget to ask the complete package of REST from the Almighty God as He says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Stay Blessed!