When I am served with Lentils and Rice,
I think why can’t I have something Nice.

When I am given Rotis made of Wheat,
I wish if I could have a better Treat.

When my parents ask me to eat Spinach,
I think why can’t they let me have Pastries and Cake.

When I am forced to eat green Vegetables,
My mind dreams of Burgers or other such Eatables.

When elders tell me that Fruits should be eaten because they have Vitamin A, B, C, D & E,
I think of an excuse I could make for leaving the place and just flee.

When I’m told that Pizza and Chowmien are not worth eating,
I get frustrated, and it makes my mind start Heating.

When my parents ask me to drink vegetable Soup,
I feel like having a chocolate ice cream with three large Scoops.

When they want me to eat cereals like Cornflakes,
I want to eat five stars and other such Chocolates.

If somebody asks me about my favourite drinking Picks,
Coca-Cola and Sprite would be my answer instead of Horlicks.

These are the poetic thoughts that dwelt in my mind of eleven and twelve,

Today when I am of age, I very cautiously delve. 

Today Food is just not a Priority,
As meagre it gets as your Seniority,
Breakfast is skipped and lunch missed on Majority,
But for me, Dessert still, holds an Authority.

Medicines are the prefix and suffix to each Meal,
Nothing is delicious and yummylicious – I can’t Feel,
Choices are healthy, and calories are terrible to Deal,
I miss my childhood enthusiasm and that foodie’s Zeal.

Life has given us so much mess to Fix,
Kept aside my forks and all my Chopsticks,
Nauseous are my French Fries and those Cheesesticks,
Now I thrive on Ready to Cook meals and quick Fix.

Bon Apettite!