Sipping tea in my balcony, I saw some straws,

Wondered if the wind blew too strongly and made this jigsaw…

Then I noticed the culprit who created this mess –

It was a pigeon trying to make a nest.


I hushed that creeper instantly,

because when it comes to cleanliness, I get too finicky.

I swept away the straws and hay,

But the pigeon just won’t agree to my dismay,

For I had to clean up the twigs everyday.


One, two, three and four,

Fifth day I saw much more.

The pigeon wasn’t alone,

The male one with twigs in beak has just flown,

The female stopped designing her nest,

Fearing that I would protest.


Touched I was to see their determination,

So assisted them to make their mansion,

With cardboard and some bricks,

Little creatures taught me the mantra in a nick-

Don’t give up and never lose hope,

Keep on trying, there’s always a scope.