We lay on the grass,

Our hands firmly enclasped.


That wetness between the verdant blades,

Making silken lines on your bonny face,

The faint fragrance of first rain,

Wafting through the June air.


This moment, our ‘now’,

I wish I could break all the clocks,

On the earth somehow.


Forget about seizing the day,

I want to seize this here and now.


For we’ll never be more beautiful than this,

And maybe we’ll never know again,

These moments of mellow bliss.


But should I close my eyes to the world tonight,

I’ll have you know I won’t have any regrets.


You’ve gifted me an eternity of happiness.


This life that grows within me,

And your vow that adorns my finger,

They  assure me that our love will linger,

Maybe not for eons, maybe not for years,

Maybe for just a few days.


But in that limited time I’ll know, darling,

I had in you my ‘forever’ and my ‘always’.


Pradita Kapahi

7 thoughts on “MY FOREVER AND ALWAYS

    1. Awwwwww thanks a lot Di. Well I suppose the rhyming comes only when the topic is so beautiful as love. And please do not underestimate your prowess with words. I know you’re fab with them. Waiting for yours to be published. 😊 😊 😊

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    Have a great great week ahead

    With love 😊🤗💞


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