Today is a day of celebration for Candles Online. This post will be the 700th post of Candles Online. It’s truly a milestone and the timing is absolutely appropriate for the occasion with a concluding day for the topic ‘Celebrating Failure‘.  

If I look back, I find myself sad and sorrowful two years back when Candles Online was not in the picture. The printed format failed to stay afloat. All my dreams had sunk in the deep sea. But now… we have been inspiring many around the globe, over 130 countries approximately. Candles Online had faced failures a lot of times yet it has become famous among many. It is still growing day after day because of some very committed people along with me and also because of God’s grace. 

I am going to let you watch an incredible video of 25 very famous world personalities who had failed in their lives or were considered failures by people initially, yet became world famous personalities afterwards. 

Be encouraged and never quit…

Stay blessed!

5 thoughts on “FAILED YET FAMOUS

  1. Great feat indeed! I remember the phase in which the printed version of CANDLES had stopped. Seemed to be the end of CANDLES. But out of its ashes, CANDLES ONLINE was born. Kudos to the never-say-die spirit of our Publisher!!

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    1. And I will never forget your and Prabhjot’s contribution in my achievement. It’s really a delightful journey. I have been discouraged in so many ways from my own people. I was shunned yet God never let me down. Praise be to HIS name! Thanks for being with me as one of the wings. God bless you!


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