“Dare to Dream”

“Failures are stepping stones to success”

We are taught these day and night since our school days. We are made to memorize the famous quotes of some learned humans. But what happens when it is the time to actually draw inspiration from these quotes and make them breathing oxygen for you? What happens when you really want to be one of those learned human? What really happens when you consider Failures a stepping stone to Success?

The reality of life hits you right on your face. Failures are so bad that it seems impossible to rise again. Failures make you lose your confidence to an extent that there is nothing left inside you to start all over again. But still you believe that “Failures are stepping stones to success” and you wonder, how many more “stepping stones”. It becomes difficult to carry on, yet deep inside your heart you believe these quotes that you mugged up at school.

And then the worst happens, people who love you and care for you worry about you a little too much. They fear the failure more than you do. And so just when you begin to take a step ahead after recovering from the failure, they pull you down with a force that is impossible to conquer. No, not because they don’t want you to succeed but because they know it will break them to see you go through another stepping stone and they aren’t ready for it.

How do you deal with this? What do you do to make them believe in your passion? They will not believe because they blinded by their worry for you. The same people, who once told you to be courageous when you were young, now want you to give up. Do you give up your passion or do you give up the relationship of your loved ones?

I have been through such dilemmas and I am going through one now. I would like to believe that beyond a point more you are pulled back into negativity, higher you bounce back in positivity. More you are pulled back in your failure, higher you will raise in your success. I wish this is true.

I believe in the prayers. I believe that it all works out for good and I want to tell my readers that there is always a light beyond those dark days of failure. Believe in Him and yourself, the reason you are being pulled into a failure is to make sure that you are really passionate about what you say you are.

All the best! Keep dreaming and keep failing – beyond those dark failures lies the real taste of success and that is something I would love to believe.