My life’s motto which I had written on my Resume as “To Smile And Make Others Smile“. And I believe I had been a reason behind the smile in either this or that person at different situations or different points of time.

A smile fine, is condensed sunshine. 

A smile is one of my clothes that I wear every time while I interact with people. You can say… ‘I have a smiling face‘. I personally don’t like being grumpy. I look worse when I am grumpy. Nobody, those who know me likes my grumpy face. They always like my smiling face and someone known to me can easily make out when I am grumpy. They would know when I am pretending to be ok and wearing a fake smile on my face. So a fake smile can hide a millions of tears is not something which is possible when I am grumpy. 😉

That is when I always like myself to be all alone to get recharged. As I said I hate to stay grumpy. That’s quite unlike me. But when I am extremely sad or hurt my smile really fades out from me. And it was more necessary for me to be all alone to myself. I create strength by shedding tears in solitude because I desperately try to get out of that phase.

“Yes,  I am emotional and it’s ok.” God created so many things but out of all His creations our emotions are the most intricate ones that He created within us. I love the fact that I am emotional. It’s a confirmation that my God created me more intricately. Actually He did that to all human being though we express differently to be named as either ’emotional’ or ‘cold’.

So when I start smiling again freely I get confirmed that I am ready to interact with all as usual… I can create magic with my smile or with good words that comes out very naturally from my mouth. But I agree that crying your heart out relieves the burden. I smile now because of that hearty weeping session which I choose either to be in my bathroom or while sleeping with my face away from the person beside me.

This is all about me which I shared above concerning my smiling and my shedding of tears. But I would like to conclude with a piece of advise for all of you which I had learnt in my life.

For me Tears and Smiles are like two windows that displays all our different emotions which are hidden within us. Both these outbursts of our feelings are very precious to ourselves, are extremely loud and are our strengths or weaknesses at different times. So it is very important for us to know the timing of expressing them… as the wisest king Solomon says,

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: … a time to weep and a time to laugh.”  

So many times I tell my wife, “don’t waste your tears or smile in front of this or that person… you can be taken for granted”. Yes, never let your precious pearl like tears fall in front of a person who doesn’t value it… you might regret it later… Or never smile when someone might get hurt mistaking the warmth of your smile as cold. Understand the timing of letting your smile or tears to appear on your beautiful face. 

Stay Blessed!


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