There’s an iconic dialogue in one of the Indian movie – “Pushpa, I hate tears”, this is what the protagonist says to the lady of the movie.  That actually makes me think not just twice but many times – Why?  Why hate tears? They are not that bad per say, what say?

Tears according to my understanding have their own importance in human life.  They are a strong weapon a woman possess (men say so 😉). Ok let’s not dig deeper into serious and sensitive issues of feminism and gender equality.

*Note: This is my personal take on tears and you can always have a different view-point.

I vividly remember when I was in 11th class, I along with a group of friends went for the renewal of bus pass as we started using public transport. Everyone in the group got their bus pass renewed and my turn came and the person on the other side of the window declined to renew my card. “Why?” I asked.  He said…… (actually I don’t clearly remember where the problem lied) but the crux of the matter is denial to oblige the request.  I broke down in tears as everyone from my group almost left the place with job done and that was the last date.  The person in charge looked at the sad face of mine and decided to grant the permission for renewal.  And I was relieved.  My tears played positive for me.

In another incident I had a similar melt down in front of doctors while I was searching a place for my son in special schools.  My tears definitely impacted them (I believe so and wholeheartedly).

But trust me my reaction in any of the above mentioned situations was not intentional.  It just happened.  And I am unapologetic about it😊.

So frequent are my melt downs that my teacher once asked me if I have an inbuilt tank in my eyes that start overflowing at the click of a button. But can’t help it, this is Me!

So tears in melt downs can melt the hearts and prompt them to help others.  This is how I think tears are useful.

Crying your heart out relieves the burden :  There are times when I feel knocked down in life.  I can not voice my inner feelings vocally but only let my eyes swell with pain and the tears dampen my cheeks.  Slowly and steadily with every drop pain seems to vanish leaving me light.  And of course one such session gives a good night sleep, a blissful slumber 😁.

Only sensitive not weak:  Many think that tears are a sign of weakness.  And God forbid if a man is seen teary eyed he is branded “weak”, “girly”.  It is an absolute wrong notion.  Tears show how sensitive you are and sensitivity I don’t think is a synonym for weakness.  Your tears are a way of expression be it happiness or grief.  And there is nothing wrong in letting them flow.  On contrary suppression could lead to build up of agony within oneself.  That equals to volcanic eruption as anger that could damage our relationships, our image, could result in possible depression which is fatal in every possible way. Expression and letting the pain go is very important.

Therefore let the tears flow, it’s absolutely Okay!

9 thoughts on “TEARS CAN BE USEFUL

    1. agree with you. why should we stop our natural things like tears (just because of the world around us) when they are about to flow.


  1. Yes tears are very important. Remember when the child steps into the world…It is his tear says ‘I’m okay’!

    Nice article. Your first point relates me.


  2. Tears of love and gratitude are very precious. When the heart opens it brings tears to the eyes! There is nothing in this world which is worth your tears.If you want to shed tears ,it should be sweet tears of gratitude,amazement and love.!!!!! Nice article. 🙂


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