According to the law of magnetism, Like poles attract and Unlike poles repel. At times this statement holds true for many things, emotions and actions. But somehow, today the “heroes in the house” defile the law in many of their interactions. Smile and tear are very similar opposites that have a great number of common properties. It almost seems that their relationship with each other is a lot Complicated. To name some similarities :
1. Both are individually very strong emotions.
2. Biologically both have a very different meaning. 
3. Highly contagious in nature (we tend to pass it on to the next person).
4. Capable of blending in well with each other.
5. Both carry a good amount of social weightage.
Let’s do a simple experiment, if you please. Let us go to a person close by and pass on a smile or grin. I would love to know the reaction of the other person. We all can use the comment section for that. 
After we have done the experiment, we need to know the proper definition of these two subjects.
1. Smile: According to biology, it is the facial expression formed due to the flexing of the muscles at the sides of the mouth followed by contraction of the muscles on the sides of our eye. Generally, It is an expression of joy, happiness, pleasure, sociability, amusement or grimace.
2. Tears: According to biology, it is the secretion of our eye, which keeps our eyes moist, clean and lubricates the dried areas. Generally, it is the liquid which flows down from our eyes when we are in utter pain or agony and is accompanied by sobbing and remorse (at times).
Smiles and tears are of different types. Smile can be a real heart felt one or a fake one. Whereas tears are of 3 types, the basal tears which is used for lubrication, the reflex tears which is formed due to foreign particles that enter our eyes and the crying or weeping tears. 
After all these definitions and similarities, I would like to share with you all those things that makes me smile or brings tears to my eyes.
There are a lot of things that make me smile and to list some:
1. My daughter
2. A favorite song
3. Call from a person I’m in need at that particular time.
4. One favorite dish
5. Good memories
6. Foolish things I did which I was proud of once.
7. Stupid decisions
8. The Oriya language paper which my mom read out in front of my whole family just to point out my mistakes.
9. Meeting my hubby for the first time.
10. The first date.
11. First everything.
12. Some old pains.
13. Some complicated situations 
14. Heartaches. 
Do you relate to any one of these. Believe me I understand. There are many others. But these are some that either make me smile in an instance or the smile makes it way through the pain. Especially the heartaches. Being the eldest in the family, we have it in store for us and of course the best jewelry we wear is our smile. It is not only hides the pain, but also our point of view which is not required. 
The teary things in my life are:
1. When I get hurt physically.
2. When I go unnoticed .
3. When I am taken for granted.
4. When anger is not enough.
5. When expression fails.
6. When I hit or scold my daughter.
7. When I fight with my husband just to keep him safe.
8. When I am blamed for things I have not done.
9. When I miss God.
10. When I am hungry.
11. When my daughter was born and I congratulated my husband for the first time. Overwhelming.
12. When I saw my parents after a long long time.
13. When I thought a sibling was necessary to take care of my parents.
Smiles, tears, happiness, sadness all these blend in so well. This complicated web of emotions and the reactions. How important are these? We need to always express these so as to feel free. When we smile, we might unknowingly make somebody’s day. Might be a tear or two can make someone feel that he/she is not alone. If only we can feel the pain the other is going through. Today, we live in a selfish world, where people are too busy to notice even their own emotions. They only do one thing is run after money and chase entertainment. Feeling and being felt are long gone. If only those could come back. We could again, smile together and shed s tear together to make this world a better place, not only to live in but to breathe freely and express freely. 
Love binds us all. The only thing we need to do is open our hearts and we should let it touch us and make us free. A fake smile can hide a millions of tears and some rolled down tears can express joy like no other. Let us help light the world with our smiles. Let us recognize the tears behind some fake smiles and help them with love in our hearts. Let us be the Light, we were always meant to be.


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