‘Life road is not highway ride!’

Hope you believe it! Life never runs on top gear, smooth road and free of traffic. In life, you have to keep shifting your pace all the time, roads will be too rough most of the times and there will be lots of red lights for you.

One night at 12 A.M. my cousin rang me up. Our talk was as usual for half-an-hour but throughout those 30 minutes, I was constantly finding her to be feeling very uncomfortable. In between the conversation she said, ‘There is no peace in my life!’ I asked her, ‘Hey, what’s wrong? What more do you want from God? He has given you a nice man who understands you, parents who loves you, good education and your desirable job. Everything is luminous, what more you are looking for?’ Then she unfolded her struggle in navigating her personal life – professional life – family life – spiritual life. After 4 hrs both of us went to bed and prayed. After a week she wrote her resignation letter and told her boss, “my family and spiritual life matters me more to me than my profession”. But she was astounded to find her boss with a new proposal for her. Her boss said, “Why don’t you freelance for our new American project? We don’t want to lose your work at any cost!”

Though different but still we struggle like this with different issues. And in all of these struggles life throws us questions – What shall I do now? Is there a way out for me? Can anybody help me? Why should I lose? Is it beneficial for me? Why do I have so many problems? Mostly we answer – No, I can’t go any more / I have to give up. I should compromise, it profits me. I don’t care who thinks what / It’s I – ME – MY life and there are also some people – who end their life, just to find peace! Isn’t it?

Just think where we are heading… What are we losing?

Yes, you’re absolutely right! It’s all about ‘Balancing Life’

(Throughout the week you’ll read some heart-wrenching struggle stories and the serene responses of giants of faith/values)

But again the question is ‘How?’ – when the haunting spectrum of 1000 issues peeps in!

Yes…that’s the point when all pain drops in and all pen speaks out after.

Once I got an offer by one of my well-wishers to join one of the prominent Christian Institute for higher studies, where people from abroad used to come for degrees. Even my well-wisher committed to pay for me. But by that time I was responsible for my Profession and a few Family responsibilities as well. So, I refused that offer and with a warm handshake I left that meeting with my well-wisher.

Some think it was the height of my stupidity. Yes, I can’t drag down someone’s thought but I can’t also be an opportunist because I have to Discipline myself, though that might be a great loss. That might drop some nightmares but I still have to Discipline myself because my Priority is my relationship/s. A man cannot live without relationship. Our birth proves we are because of a relationship that was pre-existing and our funeral proves we have a relationship that is post-existing. Life begins and ends, but relationships don’t and when there is a relationship there is also some responsibility. Every relationship is followed by a responsibility. So, sometimes I have to balance life and be in loss because I prioritize relationship/s in my life. I can do all these things and balance my life because I have to Preserve my basics. Everyday I take one step closer to my grave and on the final day on earth I have to leave everything. After death I can’t speak to someone but the life I will live-out will be enough to proclaim what were my basics, which contain my own principles, my family principles, my faith principles and last but not the least ‘my cultural principles’.

Life for Relationship; Relationship with Culture; Culture which brands my Identity is all intrinsic… I can’t compromise with them rather I should go with strict principalities to ‘Balance Life on earth’.

God bless you.

Stay tuned to read some life transforming stories.




    1. Thank you. Good to see your excitement. Please visit every evening 7:30,, you will find new new articles with life transforming stories and Practical applications for the implementation of values in personal life. God bless you. Stay tuned


  1. Your thought that one has responsibilities that one must put in the forefront of our lives resonates well with me. I think after all us achieve a certain age and have certain people involved in our lives,our own lives take a backseat and we start making choices that benefit the whole family, rather than just us. That’s the right way of living of course, but my friend, sometimes one must live for oneself… Not maybe for fun or pleasure, but maybe only to find a more productive way of being helpful to the family. I don’t know what hindered your acceptance of that offer from your friend. I am in no position to judge and I should not either. And in any case, it’s in the past so you can’t do anymore than just learn from it. But if in the future you have an opportunity to be something beyond what life has thus far given you, take it. For those who love you will always be with you and be your strength. Sometime living for oneself isn’t as selfish as it’s made out to be. Life doesn’t offer many people chances.

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  2. Thank you Pradita, it’s truly great to read you.
    Yes… I partially agree with you “live for oneself” and sometimes I also do so as to the necessity. But along with that every person is also accountable to God for the life we lived for others. Because my person-hood is never fulfilled without you (another person), looking at the intrinsic worth of others life and their love & contribution we have to sacrifice some great things. It’s tough and cost highly but WITHOUT SACRIFICE THERE IS NO MEANING OF LOVE…it’s just like clanging cymbal/noisy gong.
    And when we abides to this godly principle, there is God above who gives you something more valuable to your sacrifice at the right time when you will be completely free enough to grab – go – grow in life. He knows the best time & gives the best gift to His beloveds (YOU’RE THERE).. I strongly believe, there something more valuable kept for me. #waitingfortherighttime #livingbyhope #hopeneverfails

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