All you need to get a sneak peek

And cause someone to freak,

Is to go and click… click… click…


You don’t have to be a gizmo geek

Just give your brain a wild tweak,

And lo it starts on a havoc wreak!


When at the receiving end,

Life simply bends.

How else would you respond to misdoings that offend?


To closet oneself is termed unsocial,

And to share information at times turns quite suicidal.

No matter how much you think it to be a thing very trivial.

Social media, yes indeed connects,

But lives and people it most often dissects,

As if we are mere – ‘to be accomplished’ projects.  


Beware of hackers and all those snoopy trackers,

Sharing limited information is the key to protect yourself from those prowling attackers,

Then you can relax and be at peace with your bowl of cheese crackers!

It’s unsettling to have around certain nosy posy bums,

Who have no business to beat other people’s drums,

And still call themselves well-intended chums.


At a mall or a store, on an errand or when doing an all-important chore,

Beware of eyes that glare to gore,

And never trust people who knock at your door.

Unknown offers always decline,

To ludicrous proposals never recline,

This is how you can your safety determine.


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