We had a great time discussing about internet privacy, security and safety throughout this week but today I will share something very different yet very uncomfortable experience of our life.  

This was our first rented house. We had no experience of any rented house. Our owner and his wife were very good people. The old man was very honest about what should be done and what should not be. Both the husband and wife were very compassionate as well. There was a passage which connects our kitchen with their staircase which was kinda weird. My uncle and aunty suggested to ask the owner to erect a partition in the common passage. We both discussed with each other and leaned on our own understanding thinking the kitchen area will be squeezed down so better not to put the partition as the owner has nobody to disturb us. So we didn’t pay attention to our uncle and aunty. We were very happy to have this new place as our first rented house.

Two / three months passed away nicely… we were enjoying the owner-tenant relationship and the stay. Suddenly we found a female moving around in their house. She was introduced as their daughter. My wife started to talking to her and vice versa. Till then things were alright…

Slowly, the closeness with her increased as she had children and my wife loves them. And how can someone ask the children to go away? We somehow started to feel irritated and discussed about the partition… But again we thought of the kitchen space and dropped the idea of asking him to put the partition in between. The female started coming for this, that… asking my wife this, that… on a regular basis. We thought she will go away to her in laws house soon and things will be alright after that again… Finally, to our respite we saw her going back to her in laws place with her husband.

But… 😦

We are again relieved from our relief… 😦

She was back and with a longer plan to stay at her parents house. The saga began again and we, especially my wife literally got frustrated. We started closing the doors to our rooms but she would come knocking and asking for this that… or stand for longtime trying to talk, gossip etc. One time it was a humid evening and I was topless πŸ˜‰ … Was sitting and watching TV. She literally pushed the door inside and barged in asking me about my wife. She didn’t even apologized to me for doing so. I was so angry that day… yet we decided we will wait little more time.

Our drinking water, our cooking gas and our kitchen stuffs were used in our absence. We clearly told her not disturb when the door is closed and what she did after that…? She went outside and peeped through the window to see whether we are sleeping or awake to entertain her.

The parents were so amazing… But I had to complain all these to the owner. He was not happy to listen all that against his daughter. But we had never lost our cool at any point of time. We prayed for them in times of their needs and stood beside them… But finally we had to leave that house after the finishing of our term of 11 months. We didn’t want to leave the house but we felt our privacy was at stake… we left because of that one person and her tracking on us in “our house” as we were paying rents for that.  

Remember, privacy is an important element of one’s identity and should be handled with a great care.



  1. That is so scary. Some people just get it in their heads that just because there’s physical proximity,there has to be real proximity too. Good thing she wasn’t a stalker or whacko…. Wait, maybe she was and you just left at the right time. 😨

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    1. Nah… she wasn’t that… But her other features were awful which I knowingly didn’t mention… πŸ˜‰ We still have kept the relationship with the family. I am a person who rarely believes in breaking… The female is a good woman but…. As you said… ‘SOME PEOPLE’. πŸ˜‰

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