Can you think of what is the biggest lie that you uttered, or the lie that most of us in the world happily live with ? 

“I have read and I agree to the terms and conditions”

How many times have you encountered this statement ? Almost every software we install, every app we use will have it and it is a mandatory regulation to publish the terms and conditions. It is the most important part of privacy policy. 

This statement is a double edged sword. It puts onus on both parties, the publisher and the subscriber. Well, most of the times when I see this, I just tick mark the check box and go ahead with the installation. Only once I made an attempt to read and understand, but it is very huge and complicated at the same time. A lot of effort would have been made to make the agreement legally correct but the intended use is not being met. 

What ever the reasons are, we are only bothered about using the app or the services and are not fully aware of the pitfalls, due to this, we may breach the agreement we made. On the other hand, even if the provider shares our information, we are not even aware if we have ever gave our consent for it. We give access to very sensitive information without proper knowledge of what that data can be used for. 

During one of my recent trips, one of my co-traveler asked me for my Facebook id. I told her I don’t have a Facebook account. She immediately exclaimed “Oh, God, you are not supposed to be living in this generation. Instagram, snapchat ??“. I don’t have any of those accounts and she was very disappointed with my answer. Even otherwise, how do I trust a person whom I hardly know and add on to my profile where my personal information is readily available ?

Unknowingly falling into a trap is acceptable, but knowingly we make many mistakes while sharing information on social sites. In reality I do have a Facebook account, but I very rarely open it, once or twice a year. Initially I had a track of how the privacy settings were changing, fairly I was ok with them, so I did use Facebook. But later on when the policies changed regularly, I really lost track of it, so I decided not to use Facebook too much as I am not fully aware of what I am getting myself into.

There is a fair share of irresponsibility on our side.

  • We publish, in fact publish tons of information on social sites in the name of sharing and keeping up with relatives and friends.
  • We add people whom we have met once or sometimes we haven’t met at all into our social networks.

There are a variety of methods in which this information can be gathered by a third party app from a social networking site. Though teens, pre-teens, elderly are the major victims of the frauds, every one of us fall into the trap one time or the other unless we are extra cautious.

Our name, our face, our date of birth, our phone number, our address – all of these are our identity. We are totally unaware of the implications of sharing such sensitive information and if an identity theft happens, it takes a lot of pain and suffering to get out of the chaos situation.

It may not be very practical to read all the privacy policies, I do agree, but at the least we should do a double check before proceeding or restrict sharing sensitive information to keep ourselves safe.


5 thoughts on “WORLD’S BIGGEST LIE …

  1. This is a fantastic article. It really motivated me to be careful​ in my using and sharing on social networking sites.

    God bless you for writing and creating an awareness Aastha.


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