These are ubiquitous, available in all shapes, sizes and colours and are really difficult to handle. I am talking about the irresistible ‘temptations’.

Every person on this earth is tempted by something or the other. Temptation to gratify passion needs, to be superior, to drive fast, to earn more, to go ahead in the rat race, to beg, to steal and to be gluttony. Temptations are within each one of us and it is very difficult to resist them.

Kids get tempted to buy toys, which is natural. They will shout, scream or even lie down in the mall if you don’t get that toy.  But, as parents, we know that we cannot give in to their tantrums every time. Similarly, having a temptation isn’t that bad. It is ok within limits. You find an empty road, get tempted to hit the accelerator, but you should know when to hit the brake and not jump the red light.

I remember there was a friend of mine who was unable to resist himself from working out. Usual workout is ok, but it seemed his motto in life had become ‘go to gym unto death’. Before work, after work, between work, he was always tempted to hit the gym. The result- his social life had gone down to zilch.

Recently, I got myself a new smart phone. No, it wasn’t a temptation because my old phone was falling sick every now and then and after more than 3 years, it was time to bid it adieu. Since I have a major online shopping temptation, I have an average of 6-8 online shopping apps in my phone. I shortlist things and put them in the cart. However, even after putting the items in the cart, I rarely confirm the order straight away. Instead, I wait for a day or two, and then check if I really need that item or not. In this way, I save myself from being labelled as a spendthrift!

As quoted by Oscar Wilde- “I can resist everything except temptations”, resisting temptations is a tricky job. But, it’s not impossible either. Don’t resist yourself; just remember your permissible limits and don’t get too tempted by the tempting temptations!