It was a winter evening. My bus stopped at Salt Lake, Sector-V, College traffic square. The bus was jam-packed; I plugged in my earphones and was looking out through the window glass. Young Guys and Girls with their friends were returning from offices, some of the young couples were waiting for the bus, some were into the extensive discussion at the coffee stalls, and some were in their vehicles waiting for green light. But I was feeling all alone in the midst of this crowd and was desperately missing my family and friends, complaining to God why I am so alone? Doesn’t He feel my pain? How long I have to struggle without my beloved ones? In this picture of busy city evening life, my eyes got stuck at one girl, and my mind was changed at a twinkle of an eye. A beautiful young lady of 20s, wearing nice Salwar suit, putting the backpack on her shoulder and badge of an International I.T company was on her neck but she was walking with the help of a walker, she was struggling to cross the busy street. When I intently looked at her, I saw her left leg is dangling in the air, and she is a physically challenged girl.

Immediately, I felt God questioning me ‘What will happen to her?’ ‘Who will marry her?’ ‘What about her future?’ ‘How long is her struggle?’ ‘Whom shall she complain?’ And I was like a mute to answer those big questions.

Isn’t it so real? Though we people have all that we need in our body. We hold at least a degree, we have the good mental condition to think and work hard still enough we complain God over small things/problems in our life. We haggle around comparing the price tags of our life. We are never satisfied with our comforts. The more we get them, the more we complain of lacking them. We tag them ‘Physically Impair’ ‘Physically Disable’ ‘Under Considering’ but in reality are they so or are we persuading to be called and treated like them?

Though I had never again met that girl or even knew her earlier but every time as I think of that evening God talks to me few things through her life.

  • Still, I’m ABLE: We always look at them as Disable/Impair/Weak people, but they don’t consider themselves so. It is we who look at them like that! The physically challenged people know very well how to deal with problems in life. Over small issues, we normal human usually curse God & People for inflicting pain and difficulties. But though they live their entire lives in the problem, they never curse God or People as the reason for their problem. They believe, “Every problem is another PROBLEM till we look at it as a Problem, but every problem becomes an OPPORTUNITY to live when we look at it as a CHALLENGE!” A disabled/impaired person always looks at his disability as a Challenge that’s why they are known as “Physically Challenged”. Rather complaining to God of their disabilities, giving excuses of being in the problem, they glorify God by taking it as a challenge to work and live a glorious life. Fanny Crosby (1840-1915), an American mission worker, Poet & Music Composer who became blind when she was just 6 weeks. But she never excused her blindness problem rather taking it as a challenge she wrote 1000 of hymns among them ‘To God be the Glory, Great things He hath done’ is exceptional and has influenced many.  

  • Still, I’m STRONG: In my story, though there was a crowd around the girl she didn’t look for anyone’s help to cross the street. She didn’t felt weak of her disability. Though we normal human being has enough strengths in us still we feel like we are weak and hopeless in times of trouble. We normal human being fail to believe in the promises of God – “Be Strong and Courageous, know that I am the Lord your God Who has created you and have ordained your life on earth”.    

  • Still, I’m A MIRACLE: Nick Vujicic, the Australian pastor and globally well-recognized of his Motivational talks is a man of “No Arms and No Legs”, born with tetra-amelia syndrome. Eventually, after his birth, he was rejected by his mother, at the very young age tried to commit suicide and give an end to his life. But as he learned to know the plan of God in his life. He started using his life as a factor of motivation to others. Instead of complaining God of his scum life he is thanking God for bringing a smile on other’s face. He says, “If you don’t get a Miracle…become ONE”!

WATCH this video to get encouraged:


If a man with tetra-amelia syndrome, having No ARMS & No LEGS can profoundly tell that his life has become a Miracle for others…WHY NOT YOU and ME?

Physically Disabled/Impaired are they or ARE WE???

God bless you! Stay Tuned!



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