“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare

The lady of the house is expected to be a perfect homemaker. Her husband is expected to be the perfect man as in any fairy-tale. The child in the house is expected to play quietly and excel in studies. The housemaids or the car wash guys that are hired are expected to do the best cleaning jobs in the world. The bosses are expected to give the best remunerations. The examples are endless.

Expectation- this is the crux of all problems in life. We expect so much from everyone, from the people we love, from our friends, family members, colleagues and everyone around us. In fact we expect so much in our lives that we end up ruining ourselves. Yes, we expect all the good things in life and when we get little or nothing in return, we end up in having stress and depression. When our expectations are not fulfilled, we get disappointed. Similarly, a lot is expected from us, but we also cannot live up to the expectations of others.

So, is expecting anything wrong? After so many ups and downs in my life, I have realised that though it may sound harsh, but it is the truth. Yes, expecting anything from anyone isn’t right. It just isn’t ‘cool’. We can always wish, but should not expect.

Keep your expectations low and you will not be dissatisfied in your life. The moment you stop expecting anything, even the smallest gesture that you receive will come as a pleasant surprise for you. So, stop expecting and start living happily.

What? Did you expect a lot more in this article?

Gosh! Read again and STOP EXPECTING 😉