They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but for us, a picture spoke our destiny. Yes, it was 10th May 2004, when I met Anuj for the first time at the marriage of my cousin sister Prabhjot’s friend’s brother. Yeah! A quite distant wedding to attend, but my sister coaxed me to meet her college mates there. We enjoyed ourselves, pulling each other’s legs and posing for the camera. Anuj and I didn’t have the slightest clue that just by standing next to each other would result in standing the same way for the rest of our lives.

When the photo prints were out, we were mocked, as everyone said that it seemed we two were getting married. Time passed and we began to like each other’s company and gradually became the best of friends. Anuj was always there to uplift my mood and guide me during the tough times. Going out on adventurous rides, hanging out with our common friends, everything was fun when he was around. The best part was that he accepted the way I was and vice- versa.

In October 2005, while I was getting frustrated with my life, searching for a job and my parents were doing groom hunt for me, Anuj asked me to come over to their college to celebrate my birthday. I am so glad that I agreed because that was my best birthday ever.

 I owe everyone in our circle for pampering me so much in that visit (especially Anuj). I really had a great time in their college and visiting so many places. And in this particular period, he cajoled me to agree with my parents, get married and search for a job later on. Strange? Yes, as marrying each other was nowhere on our minds at that time.

However, time flew and I got a job offer as Jewellery Designer in Delhi. Meanwhile, Anuj’s engineering was over and he was also there, searching and applying for IT jobs. After sometime (read after having many coffees together at Cafe Coffee Day), we finally realised that we were too fond of each other and so, decided to get married. Anuj got a job in Mysore and we kept the proposal of marrying each other in front of our parents. It was like a bomb blast and everyone was taken aback. As in a typical bollywood movie, there were counselling sessions and melodrama involved too. The funniest part of all was that no one in my family had any problem with Anuj. They knew he was smart and intelligent, but he was not a Punjabi guy. While we were managing our long distance relationship (thanks to Tata Indicom’s twin sim plan), our families thought that we will get over each other soon. Since we were confident of our choices, our relationship only grew stronger. Finally, my brother took a call and arranged a meeting for us with our families (in Cafe Coffee Day only).  For the last time, we were asked to go back over our decision, to which Anuj replied, “If we were to reconsider our decision, this meeting would never have happened.” Our families agreed and we tied the nuptial knot in 2008.

Now, years later, when we look back at our first picture clicked together, we realise it was predestined for us.