When we are in our twenties, we run after our dreams. Thirties also pass in a whirlwind of responsibilities. By the time we touch forty I guess we start to realise how fast the time is passing us by and then comes the part where we introspect and try to understand how and where our life is headed and does it need a course correction?

Well all may not agree with me but this is how I am feeling, this year in July I turn 40. A big milestone I guess. Well forty sounds very old to me but frankly I don’t feel that old.

When I look back, though I don’t know if I put my years on this earth to good use or not. My biggest achievement is raising my kiddos who have come a long way from this – 

To this…

There are so many things that I could have done differently. But I guess my life has turned out just fine. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a sister etc. These are the tags I carry with pride. But there is a tag in my life which always used to pinch me the tag of being a ‘housewife’ or ‘homemaker’ as it is being called now. I felt a bit less worthy than the females who go out to work.

But was I right? I guess not. Even though I still admire the ladies who go out for a full time job and manage their household also such efficiently. I don’t weigh the housewives any less. There may be various reasons we are not going out to work, but we don’t lack in talent.

I did not have to go far to corroborate my theory. I just looked around me and found so many examples for my notion.

I have a friend Nidhi. She is such an efficient home maker. Seriously every time I meet her I get a feeling that I need to take a lesson in time management from her. And she is a self-learned artist.

I just can’t help going gaga over her mesmerising paintings.

Then there is the case of Riddhi a home maker who painstakingly designed and made dresses for her daughter for a special wedding function. The love and effort that went into it was commendable. And the smile and confidence on her daughter’s face was absolutely worth it.

There is another dear friend Meeta who opted to be a homemaker so that she could spend more time with her kids during their growing up stage. She started a small business of gifting ideas. I must say I am so impressed by her cool ideas and the way they have become popular.

The list is endless. I can go on about the talented ladies I have come across. I am not showcasing my friends’ talents, only trying to put across a point that the housewife is a housewife because of her choice not because of lack of talent or will.

Cheers to all the homemakers!

10 thoughts on “IN SEARCH OF TALENT

  1. It’s not about money or trying to prove that working Ladies are one up. We may not know their precise work reasons but it’s more important to ensure we are speaking and spreading good in society. This happens only when we invest in our children. The rat race will end one day for everyone and when we look back it’s these memories that will bring smile back on our face. Money is just one part of the entire universe.


  2. So many talents go unnoticed because ladies are more often than not identified with the daily home management chores – ‘ghar sambhalne wale kaam’.
    An article with a difference!!

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  3. Such a lovely and an inspiring post! My mother is a housewife and was a nurse before my birth. She gave up her job to take care of me. And I am so proud of her😇


  4. This thought has often made me think and re-think our stereotypes. I often tell my Mom-in-law who takes care of my son while I am out in the corporate world – “I get way too stressed out when I have to take care of my son and also keep the house in order and running; it is much easier to go to office and work.”

    Talent and creativity has got nothing to do with the amount of money you earn. It all depends on what you choose to do. What we do wrong in our stereotyping is that we tend to give more respect to person who earns more – the person with most talent deserves it much more..


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