Hello Everyone,

This is my question to all the parents out there.  What was your gift to your kids (children or might be even adults but they remain kids to parents like forever, isn’t It?) on their last birthday?  A doll, a bicycle, a football, a book, a new dress, an I-phone and so on.  How happy they were to receive the gifts?  Can you measure the degree of their happiness or otherwise in relation to the gifts you get them every year?  How would you know if they are happy or not with their gifts at first place – smile on lips, sparkle in eyes or a tight hug?

I know it is difficult to assess than to decide and purchase the gift.  But we still do it simply because we “Love” them.  We go to the extent of depriving ourselves with our comforts – read rest and our own wishes, to get them the object of their desire.  And for how long these materialistic stuffs can give them happiness or stay useful to them?  Few days, weeks, months or few years? Don’t know, can’t say.

So what could be the most precious gift you could give them day after day that they could treasure for lifetime?  It’s Your Time.  Yes that’s not a typing error.  I mean it.  Give your time to them, play with them, talk to them and most importantly listen to them.

It seems pretty clichéd, right?  But truth nevertheless.  Let me present you a broader picture of the current scenario: there’s a race in a pretty much competitive world out there and parents are not untouched by this.  They toil hard to get everything under the sun for their kids and that too branded! That makes a whole lot of difference and a point too.  Best education, best clothes, best gadgets, best vacations and what not.  And best comes with a price.  Correction – a hefty price.  And for that price parents prefer to work tirelessly leaving their kids under nanny care coupled with companionship of tech updated gadgets.


  • They are missing out kids’ childhood.
  • Kids miss their parents and their own childhood. Maturity or better say loss of innocence is something which is strikingly evident these days.
  • Complicated relationships:  If you don’t have time to talk your concerns and listen to issues, misunderstanding is bound to crop up complicating the relationships leaving them strained.  And parenting has a lot to do with understanding and empathizing. Don’t  you agree?

Spend as much time as possible with kids.  When they are tiny tots they question a lot.  Give your time to answer their questions. I do that always as a mother. The picture I posted above is captured by one of us, either by me or my husband. And through that picture I wanted to depict that how TIME can be so important for my kids. I am very careful about how much time I give. And all these pictures always remind me that my children need my time always.

Just think about our parents when we were kids….  Most of us never had everything best we desired for but we have the best parents who gave their “Time” to us and those moments are still treasured and prized processions.  And we are happy too with absolutely no complains, isn’t it?