“I am sorry… we won’t be able to do anything more… Only if God wants or does some miracles then he can be recovered…”

That’s what doctors generally say when things go out of their hands. There are very rare cases when they submit everything in God’s hands and then start their diagnosis. Things happen the similar way when we have to accomplish something. We keep planning and doing everything till something goes out of the way… Then we turn to God and ask for some miracle to happen. Everybody depends on their acquired knowledge and pre-instilled wisdom in the beginning without letting God be the controller, though anyway He controls everything. We turn to God when we are deceived by our ‘Self-Confidence’. Self- confidence or self – belief is not wrong at all… without that we can’t do anything in our life. But tightening the rope of trust around ‘self confidence’ is such a deception of Satan or the devil that can take us away from the reality and land us on the verge of destruction.

I liked two articles this week and I would like to quote few of the things to explain my point.

No matter how much we believe in others, trust in God, have a support system, all of these are external factors, the important factor lies within us. Others can guide and help us but cannot fight the battle for us…

That was so well said by Aastha. But there’s a small twist in it. God is not just one of the many options that we believe or rely on. Rather, He is solely responsible for our survival – being the Creator and Sustainer of all who was constantly denied and ignored by His own creation, called human. He not only can guide and help us but can also fight the battle for us which we sometimes don’t see even when we have our senses and eyes open for everything around us. It is only when we surrender ourselves into His hands for Him to take control of ourselves and our situations He fights the battle for us. He has given us free will and He is not going to force us to depend on Him.   It is we who need to initiate the process of giving God the first priority and credit in our life because – “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.”

Adversity has been a theme in my life, be it in terms of education, career, friendship or love. I’m always battling someone or something who threatens to destroy my peace of mind, all that I stand for, all that is ‘me’.

We got to know about our co-author Pradita a little more after reading her article from which I quoted the above statement.  Her persona as to what she is today was built on her adversities which she faced or facing right now in her life. We all were created in such a fashion that we have that quality to fight for our survival. If we don’t change ourselves while fighting or adapting to the situation then we will be like dinosaurs soon. God has already created us in that fashion to stay in the fight… not against our fellow humans though but against the devil and the humans that are guided by the devil. God definitely has fashioned the fittest to survive but when the fittest find themselves vulnerable and weak at times He is always there ready to lift them up from falling down.

And when Pradita concludes she advises, ‘look within yourself. You have all the help you need right there. Leave the rest to God. If I interpret this, then it will be – God has given us the ability to do many things on our own and stand against every odd life brings about but in all that we do we need to recognize God for who He is – the Creator, the Sustainer, the Owner of everything.

When I look back in my own life then I find my  “Self-Confidence” is just a phrase which means “nothing” for me. What good my self-confidence could have done when my previous surgery was useless and the shunt was blocked? How my self-confidence could have helped when I was coughing blood and my oxygenation went down to below 60% and I was just tottering around? The doctors just wonder and expect my end somewhere at some point of time very soon… my self-will or confidence can’t stop me from what has to happen in my life. So I denounce  my reliance on self-confidence because my confidence lies in Him who knows when the life comes in an human embryo and when the life goes out of a human body.  Because –

In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

Trust in God who can make you do everything with all the strength and skills He has given you. Change your slogan from “believe in yourself and have self-confidence” to “believe you can do everything through God who’s the author of life”.

Stay Blessed!!!