In the world of advertising, surrogate advertising is a well-known and commonly practised concept. Let me explain the concept… Surrogate advertising/branding promotes certain banned products in the guise of other products. A fairly close name is used to hoodwink customers and ensure that the actual brand does not fade away into oblivion. To give examples, Kingfisher, McDowell’s, Bagpiper are brands of alcoholic beverages that are banned in India. But, still the common people know these brands by way of mineral water or soda.

Everyday human behavior uses this concept of surrogate branding to let the ‘me’ still remain in the picture while doling out people-pleasing easily-acceptable responses. Often we don’t wish to transform ourselves because that would mean losing our individuality. Hence, in order to endorse the brand ‘me’ and yet not lose face before others, we guise the ‘real me’ and showcase the ‘people-friendly me’.

In this surrogate branding of ourselves, very often we end up losing our credibility. Unlike the business world which deals with products, the human world of flesh and blood deals with emotions. And so, surrogate branding of human behavior does not stretch too far. It comes to a jolting halt. And when the veil is removed, the ‘real me’ receives a jerk as the ‘surrogate me’ fades away.

Wisdom lies in accepting and showcasing the ‘real me’ no matter how ugly it may be and simultaneously be willing and open for transformation so that the ‘ugly real me’ re-brands into a ‘beautiful real me’.

Be open for a reformation of the brand ‘you’! Don’t present or accept a surrogate brand!

You are an original brand! Embellish yourself with real gems. Be ready to chisel out certain oddities rather than masking them. And you’ll emerge a masterpiece worth being marveled by others!