Hi Everyone,

There is a tech savvy, competitive,  fast paced world out there.  To add to the list its a brand loving world.  Don’t believe me?   I saw a movie in the recent past where a gang of girls after being conned by a con man decided to go after him and get him (referring this example purely coincidence not because of women’s day😁).  They purchased products from a local market and labeled them with names of high-end “Brands” and priced them at like hundred times their original price only to resell them to the con man as a part of their plan.  So what’s the catch here : brand names could be deceiving.   That was entertainment angle 😊.  But this is what happening all around.  Let me give you another example.  When we buy vegetables from farmers we try to bargain but when we go to malls with a special vegetable counter with some random brand name on it we don’t even think twice before buying.  No hesitation, no bargaining.   Isn’t it the brand power?  Pickup any product for that matter, brand it, see the price sky-rocket.  The products without brand names might be same in all prospects of quality and products with brand names might fall short in few aspects but still we strongly believe that if it is branded then it is trustworthy.  I am not against brands as it takes years of hard work and perseverance to build a brand but I am against the blind love for brands.  I am against the false prestige run for the want of Gucci or Tiffany’s even if it is not affordable just to be the talk of the town. It would not only burn a hole in the pocket but could run you in debts, I mean it is possible!

How could be branding fatal?  Well I want to talk about branding in a bigger perspective here.  Here in India politics is more or less a brand game.  A political party ruled the country for over five decades just because it bears a particular surname or more recently a particular party ruling almost throughout the country for which one face/ one name is acting as the brand ambassador.   Worse is people electing blindly without going beyond the cutouts as one name is branded and every thing else that comes under the wings of that name is bound to be accepted irrespective of its very own credentials.  Individual assessment is very important.  Nepotism in politics  is a very much possible offshoot of “branding” where right over power is extended to family and kin and the country is left at the mercy of a family.   It is fatal for the future of a country.

Be it politics of a country, industry or personal life running after brands blindly without assessing the impact could be deceiving as well as fatal.

Think twice before you act because your note (read money), vote and time are very important, don’t be unmindful!