Conversation 1:

Eve: Hello…this is Eve speaking… Could I speak with you for five minutes?

Man at the other end: Well, I’m just back from work and am totally exhausted… Is this important?

Eve: It is! And I promise I won’t take more than exactly five minutes.

Man at the other end: Uff!! Ok then…go ahead… How may I help you?

Eve: Thank you! Let me introduce myself first because you may not know me. I am Eve – the mother of all the living.

Man at the other end: Errr…excuse me?? I can’t make any sense of it. Who are you??

Eve: As I said, my name is Eve. As you don’t have much time to spare, let me get into business right away. I understand that you are about to get married shortly and so…

Man the other end: This is just unbelievable! I mean…I don’t even know who you are… How do you know about me? I think I need some rest…my mind is probably playing games… I’d better hang up. That’s it!

Eve: Hold on… How does it matter whether you know me or not? But, what I’m going to speak would matter. So, listen to what I have to say and then you can decide for yourself. A minute is gone already…four to go…

Man at the other end: Ok…go ahead…but mind you, not more than four minutes from now…

Eve: Thanks! To continue with what I was saying, as you are going to get married in a few days time, I wish to give you some words of wisdom to ensure that you enjoy nuptial bliss each day of your life. I promise to be brief.

Man at the other end: Ok

Eve: I’ll tell you just three things. Firstly, remember that God is giving your wife as a companion suitable for you. Bear in mind not to treat her as your subordinate…not to boss over her…or to trample over her by your words and deeds. Secondly, love your wife as you would love yourself. Just as you would not cause any harm to your own self, take care not to harm her in any way. Love her to the point of even being prepared to lay down your life for her, if the situation would ever so demand. Thirdly, guard her and guide her because she is vulnerable. Not because she is weak and infirm, but because this is your responsibility towards her.

Man at the other end: These surely are valuable words. But, isn’t a wife supposed to respect her husband?

Eve: Yes, she is to respect her husband. A boss demands respect. But, love commands respect. Your wife would respect you seeing your love towards her. She may not be the perfect piece. You will have to bear with her just as she will also have to bear with you. Remember, for this reason a man is to leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh.

Man at the other end: Hmm…

Eve: Getting married may be easy, but remaining married takes hard work in which both of you will have to contribute. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of her. Have realistic ones. Don’t treat her as an object for catharsis.  Accept her as your comforter. Don’t cheat on her. Remain faithful to her. Nurture her and she will blossom. Keep in mind that a woman is the glory of man. The more you polish her with your love, the more she will shine. The more you neglect her, the sooner  she will wilt away.

Man at the other end: Gosh! It all sounds like real hard work. I may have to change myself a lot.

Eve: Yes, you may have to change some of yourself for her just as she will have to change some of herself for you. But, this is the beauty of marriage. It ensures that the bonding would last till death would do you apart.

Man at the other end: Thank you very much! No one had made me aware of these things.

Eve: I’m glad that you appreciate. I hope you will bear the above in mind as you cherish your wife for all the days of your life. Wish you a fulfilling married life!

Conversation: 2

Eve: Hello…this is Eve speaking… Could I speak with you for five minutes?

Woman at the other end: Umm… if this is about some brand you are about to endorse, I’m sorry I have no time.

Eve: Well, this sure is about a brand. But, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. You are familiar with this brand already.

Woman at the other end: Which brand are you talking about?

Eve: I’m speaking of the brand called WOMAN.

Woman at the other end: Is there a brand by this word? I’ve never heard of it.

Eve: Yes, there is. And I am the ambassador of this brand since I was the first of this type to be manufactured.

Woman at the other end: Oh!

Eve: Let me tell you some unique features of this brand that would make you proud to be a part of it…

Woman at the other end: What’s there to be proud of it? Don’t you know of so many women at the receiving end of abuse and atrocities of unspeakable means? Haven’t you heard of women being made scapegoats for honour, diplomacy and war? Endless streams of tears and volleys of unspoken emotions… Is this something to be proud of? After all, why are women created so weak and vulnerable?

Eve: It’s sad that women are treated as objects of no worth by many, including the people of their own close circle. But, that’s not the way God created woman. The woman God created was of equal worth to man. Not equal in form, shape and biology…not having altogether equal potentials and capabilities…but of equal worth – so that men and women would complement each other.

Woman at the other end: Hmm…

Eve: So let me tell you about three special features of this brand called ‘Woman’. Firstly, she has amazing abilities to forge and maintain relationships. That is why you see women playing multiple roles and seldom getting worn out. A woman binds people. That’s the talent she is blessed with. Few men can match up to it without losing their cool! Secondly, she is strong. Yes, you heard it right – she is strong. A woman may not have the physical strength of ten elephants, but her mental strength is indisputable. She can fight against all odds and still pull along with life. She is often at the receiving end, but has the ability to brush all aside with a smile. She has high tensile strength! Thirdly, she is beautiful. The word ‘beauty’ is almost always ‘equated’ with woman. You hardly hear anyone complimenting a man as ‘beautiful’! She may be tall or short, frail or plump, a blonde, a brunette, black-haired or greyed, flat nosed or sharp nosed, dusky or fair – she is beautiful. It’s sad that men judge beauty by her external appearance. Beauty lies in the heart not in looks. When men understand this, they will go a long way in understanding women.

Woman at the other end: So true… Seeing the way women are treated all around the world, I was just feeling to give up on myself. Constant threat of security and the bang of patriarchal mindsets…it’s just so suffocating… I was just wondering, aren’t men and women equal after all?

Eve: Dear one, the heart really breaks to see the discrimination and unequal treatment meted out to women all around. Created in the image of God, both men and women are of equal worth. Neither is inferior. But, men and women are created differently with different functional roles so as to make this earth a harmonious civilization. They are meant to complement each other and not compete with each other in a power tussle. However in the face of rising inequality, the demand for equality has raised its head causing women to strive hard to prove themselves equal in every field. And, this has given rise to much disharmony.

Woman at the other end: Hmm…can relate to it now…

Eve: If you look at your watch, you will realize that I have well exceeded the time limit of five minutes. I hope my words will encourage you to feel proud of the brand that you are! Never look down on yourself because a man tells you so. Never underestimate your strength because the society tells you to. Never let your mind lose the battle that you have so valiantly fought till now. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully carved by the Creator.

Woman at the other end: I will remember for all the days of my life. It was such a pleasure to hear from you. No doubt, you are the ambassador of the brand WOMAN!