I was in my final year of my engineering course and went to attend a campus interview. Many companies participated, there were many students from various colleges.  As usual, my dad accompanied me. I went in at around 10 in the morning, as I was progressing through the rounds of the interview, I was also wondering what my dad was doing alone in the campus, as he is a very reserved person and doesn’t talk much.

Finally, I came out of the interview at 11 in the night, with the confirmation letter in my hand. It was the happiness of having secured a job I guess, I was very thrilled to share the same with my dad. I completely forgot to ask him what he did the entire day while I was in the interview.

The next day in college, one of my classmates came to congratulate me, “Congratulations ! I know it means a lot to have a job in hand and you succeeded on your first shot..”, I thanked him, he didn’t stop there, “Your dad is so awesome. He helped all of us so much during the interview by talking and relieved us off the stress. He is so jovial, you are so lucky to have such dad who is so cool …“, My dad found comfort with strangers, that’s sounds different than him… “Both of you talk like friends, and I am actually surprised that you are so friendly too. I have never realised in the last three years, you are so different than what others think you are“. 

I was getting curious to know what others think, he continued, “You know, all others think you are a serious person, not easy to get along with, in fact you are named after fire crackers… (flower pot, 5000 wala)” By now, I was smiling within me, “Many do think twice before they have to talk with you and are quite afraid of you“.. I bursted into laughter at the end of it, I am sure he was taken by surprise. I don’t get angry or shout at people, but yes, I don’t smile often either.

I have been the school leader in high school, the same continued in PUC too, I was in-charge of many activities, have had the responsibility to take many decisions and lead many programs. I always thought that was the reason why my fellow students have developed a kind of fear towards me. Come on, college is supposed to be different, isn’t it ? We are in our teenage, our hormones are on high, the attention we get from boys and I don’t have to explain the rest of it. I was a little different. I always used to enjoy the way boys used to stay in limits the moment I glare at them ( Does that sound unusual ? )  It used to feel like an achievement to me. 

I have become friends with many people when the association is ending or about to end, last days of college, either I am leaving the company I work for, or some colleague of mine resigns for a better opportunity. There are people, who read me well and took an early chance to extend the association into friendship and vice-versa, most of those are successful acquaintances.

No matter, how conscious we are, we leave an impression. Slowly, the perception builds into a brand. If you are not building a brand for yourself, you can be sure others are doing it for you…  My language, body language, as well as many shades of mine together left an impression that I am totally unfriendly, but if you ask my friends, they would give a totally different perspective of me. So, I have two brands. Oh Boy ! Two Brands ???  I gave a thought to it, and I am completely fine to have two brands of myself. Both are very different from each other but both of them are true and authentic..The same “not so easy me” continues today too, but all of it is very healthy, and keeps unnecessary problems out of my life.

As long as the brand you have created doesn’t interfere with what you want to be, your family ‘n’ friends, your career aspirations, you really don’t have to worry if you have multiple brands. As I have continued my observations, my dad has multiple brands, many of us actually have more than one… Manage the brands carefully and one would be very successful.

At the same time, it is extremely important that the brand reflects you, fits to the situation, so that you achieve your goals. Don’t get too carried away if some people misunderstand you, that’s fine too. Unless, it is absolutely required to correct your brand, don’t try for it, while making an attempt to change it,  you may end up making more mistakes and create altogether a new brand, which is not so you and as all of us are aware it is very hard to maintain a false self.

Personal brand is your identity, create one that works for you and others as well!!!