A day ago I was explaining Aparna about our feelings which works in three particular layers… first, the surging of emotions; second, the desire to culminate or satiate; and third, the decision to be taken by our mind.   

Let me explain.

When a boy or a girl meets and feel for each other their emotions of love, care surge out for each other. Then they try to feel each other by satisfying their own or each other’s desires either physically or emotionally. Lastly all these happen only after the decisions that their mind takes basing on their knowledge of right and wrong about the desires as well as the actions they feel or take. But sometimes decisions of right or wrong give way to a strong and immature desire.

This is how normally our feelings play their part in our life.


When I read the definition of CRUSH it made me think again because…    

Crush is a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable.

Last week out of 6 stories that we came across 2 were simply unattainable. Preeta’s Walter with dimple and Pradita’s Cartoon character were perfectly fitting to this category. But other four stories had little chances of turning into real love stories. Yet they lasted for few days or few hours only to make the definition of crush complete: “crush is a brief encounter.”

When we come to the feelings or emotions part of all the above stories we find a common ground, which is “Intense Infatuation”, though all the emotions or feelings were suppressed knowing them to be unattainable considering different situations then. At the last layer/stage of their feelings they all decided, “we should stop this here…”.

That is how our sharpened conscience and our matured mind play the role of deciding whether to cut the crap right there naming it as “CRUSH” or proceed with a strong will and firm decision of attaining which seems impossible.  

Whatever it is but I would say if you never had crush on somebody then you missed one of the best feelings/experience in your life. ‘Crush’ works as the spark plug in our life to let the engine of love – emotion start for the rest of our lives. Crush makes us aware of the feelings of love for someone. It makes us understand how beautiful is the emotion called love… Probably God allows our crush to be crushed by our unattainable imaginations to prepare us for our attainable reality.

So my dear young friends! Do not be disheartened by the crushed crushes but understand the emotion of love well enough to build a strong and fruitful relationship in future keeping God who is love Himself as your confidante. 😉

Stay Blessed!!!