When you step into your teens, the air around you kind of changes and so does your thinking process. It’s that age when you meet (sometimes do not) your first crush. Such a thing happened to me also. I had my 1st crush when I was around 14. It was Walter- the boy with dimples and a chocolate boy look.

Every afternoon, I used to wait for him, sometimes he used to show up and on the days when he did not,  I only wished to catch his glimpse the next day. I was so fond of him that I used to mention him in my postal letters (which was a ritual in those good old days), to my cousin sister Kuljeet. One day I was thrilled when I saw him playing a guitar and singing a melodious emotional song. I just wished I could go and meet him up. Alas, I could not!

I was his secret admirer. I knew we could never meet, yet I went head over heels for him. My fondness for him continued till two years, until he went away. He didn’t even know about my existence, because Walter wasn’t real. It was his reel name. He was none other than Rajiv Paul, playing a small role in one of the Hindi daily soaps Swabhimaan! Sad, the show was aired only for two years, but it indeed created fans like me and Kuljeet (who admired Rishabh Malhotra aka Rohit Roy).

Years later, when we sisters think and talk about it, we burst into laughter, amused by our teenage thoughts. Indeed, you end up in making a joke of yourself and laugh about it when it comes to first crush!