Have you seen any Bollywood movie of the nineties? In most of them there was this super-hot heroine whom everyone notices and then there is this slightly plump and nerdy friend of hers who is there somewhere in the side lines. Well I was the latter in my school days. I was that studious no nonsense type of girl. Though I had a lot of fun with my girlfriends, all the male attention I got, was limited to me setting up their meetings with my (girl) friends. So basically the story of my life is that the school ended with only books and friends around me.


By the time I reached college, I’d like to believe that I turned from that ugly duckling to into a swan. But I am sure my friends and sisters would say that it’s debatable. Coming to the story of my first crush. Well it was the wedding of my cousin. So after a long train journey our family reached Chandigarh. Early morning my uncle and a friend of my cousin’s came to pick us up. Me with my tousled hair and sleepy eyes got down from the train and was stuck. He looked like perfect replica of Shah Rukh Khan (My favourite actor). Till we reached home I couldn’t take my eyes off him and he did not even give me a second look I am sure.


And then started the great Indian Punjabi wedding. A long process of 4-5 functions each more extravagant that the other with a lot of celebration and dancing involved. Throughout the wedding I had eyes only for him. And I think after a couple of functions I did make an impression on him. That night when we all youngsters were sitting together and chatting and pulling each other’s leg. He accepted that he couldn’t believe I was the same girl whom he welcomed at the railway station. He said I looked like a grubby waif then but I look beautiful now. (From that day I have decided to really take care of my appearance before getting off a train or a bus. After all first impressions do matter.) And then next day in the sangeet function when he got me a kulfi (ice cream) I thought it was a really special gesture. Later I realised he was giving it to everyone even all the aunties sitting on the sofa. So the moral of the story is even if I was crushing on him and trying hard to make an impression. For him I was just another guest.


Even this one sided crush got me into trouble. You know how Indian moms are. They have eyes even on the back of their head. (Now that I am a mom too I realise how useful these extra pair of eyes are). My mom decided something was amiss in my behaviour and I got a stern stare and a warning to stop all the nonsense. Don’t know which nonsense she was talking about but it really put a full stop to my crush. It got crushed by the fear I guess. Anyways we were back in the train next day. And life was back to normal routine. I would never know if I made an impression or not. But it sure did add some extra spice to the wedding fun.