There are some people who are still such an important part of my life and they have been important since years now. These are the people I have bunked classes with, had samosas in the canteen, sang songs, and did crazy things in the name of combined studies. These are the people who know me more than me – because they have seen me fall, rise and grow over the years. These people are my “Friends forever”

And I told him “I miss being your friend! Can we also be friends?”

He agreed “Yes, we can and we should. We are friends first and spouses later”

I married my college sweetheart. Well, it wasn’t really all that sweet. We hated each other, fought with each other, cursed each other and finally fell in love with each other. Love was possible because all throughout the hatred, fights and curses – there was a little devil called Friendship existing somewhere deep inside which made us care for each other.

Over the years of marriage (almost 7 now) which was preceded with a long distance relationship – the friendship reduced over time. And it takes a lot to revive the old friendship – it is not impossible though.

Even though I value my husband a lot – I value the friend in him even more.

 “I love you both so much” I said and hugged them both.

These two people had just admitted their love for each other. Over the months of phone calls and late night talks – they finally accepted it. What was in future for them? Nobody knew at that point of time. But I was happy for both of them. After all, she is my sister – Preeta Bhatnagar and he is one of my best friends – Anuj Bhatnagar

Few years later, they both got happily married and now they have their two little cute sons. I so wish that they relocate to Bangalore. I will have my best friends living close to me.

While Preeta knows me as a little sister since childhood, Anuj knew me as a close friend in college. Well, what else can I ask for, when my family has my best friends?

 “I think it has been 15 years. No.. Wait, I think more than that”

“Anyways, I have stopped counting the years now. It doesn’t really matter”

Yes, we stopped counting the years because people usually got surprised when we told them that we have been friends for more than 15 years now. Not just – stay in touch friends, but real friends. There is nothing absolutely, nothing under the sun that I cannot tell her. She has been there with me through thick and thin. We have had our own share of bad times but we never stopped trusting each other.

My heart melted when she prayed for me every time I struggled in life. My BFF she is since we were 13 – Hina Tandon Kapoor. Now she is in US and I miss her so much.

“I am so used to living with you; I don’t know how we will live with our respective husbands”

And she just gave me a funny smile as though I just told her a joke. It was the year 2010, when I was preparing for my marriage. I had been living with two of my college friends since last 7 years. First 3 years in college as hostel room-mates and then next 4 years in Bangalore while working together.

She is the quietest of all and has been there for me since ever. She has seen me in my struggles and supported me endlessly. Nirmala Goswami Sachan is her name and I miss her terribly now since she is happily settled in US.


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