I thought our friendship will go hazy after marriage, but I guess it’s not easy to divest yourself of this kind of friendship. We make several friends throughout our lives, some come and go, some lose touch, some fade away as we grow older, but friends like these are a gift from above. No, I am not talking about the best friends we make, but I am pointing the ones which are in the family. And, I am particularly talking about the beautiful relationship – sisterhood.

“For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather;

To cheer one on the tedious way;

To fetch one if one goes astray;

To lift one if one totters down;

To strengthen whilst one stands.”

        -Christina Rossetti

I am fortunate to have my cousin sisters Kuljeet and Prabhjot as my best friends. Since childhood, we were just ‘the inseparables’. Since we were in different cities, we used to eagerly wait for vacations and festive holidays, to be able to spend time with each other. I even used to cry whenever it was the time to bid them adieu.

Our endless talks over our crushes, most awaited photoshoots (in the era of non-digital cameras), under-the-quilt ludo games, last-minute make-up fights over the mirror, secret trips to movie halls, singing sessions…the memory list just fills the heart with joy, making me as nostalgic as ever.

After Kuljeet got married, our trio group was reduced to duo, because we used to meet once a year and there were no smart phones with messenger applications. Our lives got busier, and I was supposed to get married the next. As I chose love over arranged marriage, there was a lot of hullabaloo in the family. My sisters too had to give in to the family pressure, asking me to reconsider my decision, though I did not. Similarly, at the time of Prabhjot’s choice of husband, we were giving her lectures. I thought, “This is it. Our lives are going to change now and probably we are not going to be the same old best of friends”.

But, as I stated above, even if the circumstances set you on odd lines, friends like sisters find a way to get even. After so many years, even after having our kiddos, we are the best of friends, because it is the ‘family ties’ after all! No matter how hard you try, your sisters are able to sense that something is certainly wrong with you and they are always there for you, pampering with their love.

We fight and we tease each other

We laugh and we dance together

With tears and hugs, our love is inevitable

Because we are the inseparables!


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