It was a superb 14 days journey for all of us, the authors and the readers. I personally enjoyed these two weeks reading and commenting. My co-authors have come out with such fabulous articles that we received a lot of feedback as well.

Let’s revisit all the articles one by one as I evaluate all with the little wisdom that I possess. 😉

Aastha – How do we perceive ourselves? Do we really know the real we? Knowing our own selves is really very important for us to live a purposeful life. And Aastha wrote it beautifully. A truly inspiring piece it was.

Kalpana – The policies formulated by any government of any country would only be successful if it is ably supported and accepted by the citizens of that country.  She also gave two very apt illustrations as witnessed by her in real to support her motivational call for all of us.

Prabhjot – “Think big and choose bigger problems.” What an eye opener it was? It changed my perspective as it did change others as well.

RajnandiniTrust me, it’s a joy to rediscover the child within you.  And she was right. Actually it is so important to find the child in us to have a fruitful and meaningful life.

Ruth – Her introspection throws a light in the darkness of this world when she said, “The spiritual gifts of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL is what God wanted me to cultivate.”

Saakshi – “I can proudly say I am Shopping Free.” Her confession of how she got rid of the shopping addiction was hilarious and quite interesting.

Thaddeus – His conclusion speaks everything about what he intended to convey: “May each reader be inspired to value their loved ones enough to share the truth and to discern when to withhold it.” Unless we discern and distinguish between the falsehood and the truth and understand the skill to present the truth then we will fail in our avenues.

Preeta – “Inspirations are everywhere around us, we just need to come out of our shells.” Somehow this has become my favourite line for complimenting beauties around me… 😉 But she made her presence felt on the stats of this site. It was one of the most inspiring articles of the week. 

Aparna – “Go beyond what is expected of you and create the difference.” She suggested to leave the self-centeredness and go the extra mile helping people. 

Sony – Hers was quite similar to Preeta’s. She said, “I hope this world extracts positivity of all kinds and minimize the effect of negativity.” It was her hope to bring the positivity from all negatives. 

Kuljeet – Her green eyes literally shook everybody, not in fear but with lots of fun and the readers relating to the experience she shared. “Let it be a small achievement, I try to celebrate it. I don’t need to prove anything to the world.” These lines made me realize that I am on the right track because I never think my achievements are small even if its negligible. I celebrate and enjoy everything that I do. And we all need to do the same to stay away from the “GREEN EYED JEALOUSY AND ENVY”. 

Avinash – “Shall we put a full stop to hypocrisy? Is it not possible for us to LOVE others with pious heart?” This article again quite similar to Kalpana’s. He urged his fellow citizens of his beloved country India on the occasion of 68th Republic Day.  

Chiradeep“Susceptibility follows deprivation, temptation follows vulnerability and devastation follows the temptation.” Looking at the present scenarios around me and within me I thought of writing this article about how our hearts go through deprivation and how important it is for us to counter it to safe guard ourselves.  

I hope you all enjoyed reading all these articles and learning from them. Get inspired and keep inspiring…

Stay Blessed!!! 

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