Is India changing today? Yes, India is. Since a decade or so, overnight changes are taking place in India. I mean in the lives of Indians, changes are happening at a faster pace. There are thousands and crores of stories to prove it, but months back while doing online research I came across the NDTV Classics special report on Aviation industry covered on December 2006. In that report, the story of Air Deccan Airhostess Chitra, a 19-year Sindhi girl from Darbhanga, Bihar actually dragged my attention towards the study of changes happening in India. While her interview Chitra said, “All my friends came by flight to give an interview but I went by train”, even in the next interview Jet Airways Airhostess Neha Oberai also quoted that, “many girls who join this glamorous job have never flown before joining this job”.

These two sentences of the two young Indian air hostesses are enough to say How lives are changing in India! How fast people are moving from marginalizing to the middle class and from the middle class to the elite class! How my country India is growing! In this rapid national growth, the Big Question is HOW FAR WE CAN KEEP OUR STEPS ON THE UP WALKING PATH OF CHANGE > GROWTH > DEVELOPMENT???

Is there any loop in our up-walk/in our thought?

Do we need some more Add-ons to our growth?

What about the sustainability of this growth?

As you keep thinking, I want to brief you with couple of ideas:-

In the September 2016, there was a post going viral on Facebook. “A dog pissing on the national flag of Pakistan”, one of my old friends tagged me with that and immediately along with me few other Indian guys objected her and deleted that post from our Facebook pages.

Being an Indian let’s think is it the right thing we do?

Can our soldiers on border ever allow such kind things to happen?

How can we forget the Godly principle with a tagline of “religious nation”?  

Yes, globally we are known for being religious, but it’s so painful that we forget the eternal principle to “love your neighbour as you love yourself”.

Being deep-rooted to Culture & Mannerism we proudly say Basundhara Kutumbakam which is also one of the National Identity we Indian hold. It means “we consider people irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion, Language and Nationality as one FAMILY!!!” The first and foremost attribute of a family is “LOVE out of Pious Heart”.

Being an Indian let’s think are we getting side tracked from our Culture and National Identity?

Are we not living a hypocritical life?

How can we give a pious talk and walk just in opposite to it?

The heart of every growth is the ‘LOVE’ towards it! As we vigorously strive for the national growth, my appeal to each INDIAN is – “Shall we put a full stop to hypocrisy? Is it not possible for us to LOVE others with pious heart?”

Respect begets Respect!

Love begets Love!

Don’t forget! Stay Blessed!




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