“Sometimes its just a little inspiration that keeps you rolling” : anonymous

Obama’s out and Trump’s in!!! America has become a place where half of the population love Obama and half of them don’t. But has all the hatred and negativities ever had any impact on him inspiring masses? I dont want to be partial or judgmental, but he really has shown people how to live a life of dignity, grace and poise. Not only does he respects but has also treated everyone with humility. I had never ever seen a president climb down his drone just to shake hands with the officer standing outside. Of course, that’s all media and everything. But isn’t that quite an inspiring sight? Somehow, I have gained a lot of inspiration not just from his nature but more from his character. Many of us might agree to the above paragraph and many of us won’t. But, I just want to point out a simple truth here, and that is, in all and every situation he has been a source of inspiration.

I am far from being a perfectionist, still I strive to achieve it. We all know, perfectionists undergo a lot of stress, anger and depression, if a particular work done isn’t ‘perfect’. Time and again I have felt the same. At times I feel my family should be perfect, my daughter should be perfect, everything in my house and outside should be perfect. And I go mad if I find things out of place or not as I have thought them to be. I fight and create chaos. I have also felt that there has been a need for a constant motivation. For me, it comes from many things and many people. I get that from the Bible, my mom, dad, husband, daughter, mother in law, father in law, friend, family, books, internet and many more. But gaining inspiration and being one to others is in all a different story. I have constantly sought motivation but I have never motivated anyone is what I feel. I would like to share a recent event which has affected me positively.

One of my very close friends is going through the typical ‘break-up’ phase in her life. It’s too hard for her to accept the fact as she was very much into it and it has been a decade that they were together. In their relation both were sure that it won’t go to the marriage phase and it would eventually end in a sour way. It did end that way and she was accused and blamed for many things. That day she thought of ending her life!!! I and her mother tried to talk her out of it. It was hard! Not only for her but for us also. There I thought, ‘love for a partner in life is so much greater and stronger than any other love’. Even that was the first relation God had blessed mankind with – companionship. But it’s also important how our companion treats us and loves us. In my life now, I have many such examples where either of the partner is abusive or loveless. It’s sad to see them fight and blame each other. There is no one who thinks of the child. Then, just the other day there was the video of the former POTUS and FLOTUS. It showed the love they had, the respect they had for each other and the way they treat their children. This gave me so much motivation. I started giving my husband a little more respect and love than the usual. Loving my daughter a little more than usual. Giving more time to them in person and not only cooking and doing chores. And believe me, I can see small differences. I feel loved, I feel happy and I feel there is more to this relation. My heart dances with joy singing :

Today my house is a little more brighter and lighter is its atmosphere,
Today I see them smile and I no longer see those tears,
Today I have loved a little more and I have lost all fears,
Today some one has me inspired and tomorrow I hope I can inspire the needy peers.

I hope this world is filled with more of, all kinds of positive inspirations and motivations which could be available for all, in order to lead a happy life. I hope this world extracts positivity of all kinds and minimize the effect of negativity. Lets us all Inspire and get Inspired!!!!


  1. Very nicely written. Even I like the former first couple a lot..

    Stay happy and just be yourself I am sure you will be an inspiration to many..


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