What happens when you lose a friend whom you trusted and he/she trusted you back? What if you had a friend with whom you could share your ups and downs and vice versa and a series of misunderstandings created a rift between you both and thus made you keep a grudge against your friend? It feels terrible right? In a world where true friendship is a myth, losing a good and just friend comes at a heavy price. Often we experience similar scenarios with our family members as well. As a result of these mishaps, you get emotionally drained out and start losing yourself. Your confidence goes away and you find yourself getting stone-cold to people.

When the word inspiration popped up in my mind, I was redirected to thinking how well an inspiration had I been to people around me? What were my choices that led others to find a better version of them? It is a fact that you are being watched. You will never fathom how a single statement or an action of yours can degrade or inspire a person. We admire celebrities, don’t we? We love the fact when they do something good for the society and talk about when they fail miserably, isn’t it? You will say they are celebrities. As they have put their life on an exhibition, they are bound to pay for the criticisms and appraisals we make about them. They are not ordinary like us. They enjoy the criticisms as they publicize them. But, my friend the truth is quite the opposite. No one enjoys criticisms. It makes you squirm and you feel a knot in your belly. It becomes horrendous when you are the one criticising yourself, realising that you have fallen notches below the person you are.

We all are little celebs in our own small worlds, constantly being appraised and criticised for our gestures, words, choices and actions. We accept it or not but these do impact us in certain ways.

I had put myself in a similar situation where I prioritized myself in such a manner that I had stopped responding to others’ feelings. Yes, I had become someone who I was not. My friends, family and cousins were unable to recognize who I had become. Gradually I had started to lose interest in my work and my passions. The facts that attracted people towards me began to wear away and I was left with my miseries and my ill treatment of people. It was breaking me to the core but I had the remotest idea of it.

It was then that Someone’s voice in my heart made me realize that I was busy acquiring material and temporary resources and instead I should be cultivating the spiritual fruits. This voice was none other than the voice of The Wonderful Counsellor, the one above us and above all. It happened that while studying for teaching a lesson in class I heard the voice clearly “Aspire before you Inspire”. The story that I was studying explained the life of an old, poor but generous couple who helped their neighbours even though they could hardly make their ends meet. In the end they were rewarded abundantly by god-sent messengers who blessed them saying that they would never run about their resources. The story taught me that even though we have limited material resources we use them unlimitedly because of the grace of the Almighty. But the spiritual gifts that are abundant are kept locked inside and not put to use. The spiritual gifts of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL is what He wanted me to cultivate. Since then I have been on a battle with my inner self. The process is tough and prolonged but not impossible.

At this juncture, my dear friends I would only inspire you to hoard the spiritual gifts as much as possible and use it to the fullest. The rewards are long-lasting. I haven’t arrived at my destiny of becoming the better person as yet but I know there is a beautiful future where I will arrive to as The Wonderful Counsellor has promised. Some things would still hurt and the pain will be felt but that is what will make you strong. Therefore today if you find yourself in my place, pledge to never give up on yourself.

5 thoughts on “ASPIRE TO INSPIRE

  1. “The spiritual gifts of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL is what He wanted me to cultivate.” Very essential to know and understand this as we live our life on this earth among all others.

    Good write up Ruth… God bless you!


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