New born babies are such a delight to observe! With each passing day they learn something new which takes them a step forward in their developmental milestones. Once they start crawling, there is no stopping them. And you really have to be careful with what you keep within their easy reach! Everything, yes literally everything, goes into their mouths – the mouth being the primary erogenous zone at this age!!

The early years of life are marked by simplicity, innocence and curiosity. There are no complexities or malice in anything. That’s why children are so free of the cares of this world! They have the assurance that their parents are readily available for them for all purposes – to provide them food, security, recreation and all things their hearts desire. These undiluted years are reasons for envy as we venture into the adult world.

How often have we discovered the child within us? The cares of this world, responsibilities, commitments, goals, deadlines press us down so much that that ‘there is no time to stand and stare’.

Trust me, it’s a joy to rediscover the child within you – to look up at the sky and count the stars, to chase the butterflies in a garden, to jump in the air, to get lost in Enid Blyton books, to smile at Tom and Jerry shows, to build castles in the sand, to throw snowballs at friends – with no harm in mind and no hurts to nurse.

As a child, I used to love to sit by the window and watch the rain pour down during the rainy season. As little droplets of water sprinkled in along with the icy breeze, I felt a thrill run down my spine. I could sit there for as long as the rain continued enjoying each moment.

Travel down your memory lane as you read this article and relive those joyful moments when you hopped from tree to tree free from all the cares and snares of life. This week, make time to do something you enjoyed as a kid. And continue doing it at regular intervals putting aside all your thoughts, worries and tensions. It’ll arouse the child within you and you’ll notice how refreshed you feel.

While we cannot trace our years back to being cute and chubby little kiddos, we sure need to keep the innocent, simple and curious child within us alive no matter how old we get. This is one of the secrets of a relaxed and healthy life!

And yes, give me an opportunity to be a child with you and be a part of your joy. Share those little joyous moments of yours in the ‘Comments’ space and let’s celebrate child within us.


  1. Sometimes I am accused of being a child… And so many times I feel I behave like a child. I keep analyzing all of them when I am alone and introspecting…

    ‘Childish’ and ‘Childlike’ are two different things. Childish is idiotic and childlike is beautiful. Childish attitudes are shun but childlike innocence are adored.

    “Trust me, it’s a joy to rediscover the child within you…” I trust you… It’s very very important.

    Thanks for writing such a valuable article Rajnandini… 🙂

    God bless you!


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