Inspiration is unlimited in this world. You just have to look around and it is full of possibilities, ideas and inspirations. Some can even change your life for better.

I want to describe one thought that has inspired me tremendously. This thought always makes me bounce back during a sad period.

It was the year 2008 and I enrolled myself in a life-transforming course called “Landmark Education” and my connection with this organization made me a much better person in a million ways. However, there is one simple thought that this education gave me that I will never forget.

“Think big and choose bigger problems”

When I first heard, my first reaction was – What nonsense is this? I already have enough problems in my life. Why would I want even bigger problems?

Then our coach began to explain what he meant. He asked a few of us about their biggest problems. Some people mentioned marriage, in laws, money, job, business etc.

He said –

While these problems are absolutely valid problems – you can choose not to deal with them.

That statement made all of us astonished and my reaction was – How can offload these problems off my head? These are my problems?

He said –

These are your problems because you chose them. You can always choose different problems.

At this point, I was totally lost and almost felt like I was wasting my time. But then he came to a point that brought me back.

He said –

There are bigger and better problems in this world. You can size the problems based on the number of people that it impacts. If you consider the problem of money in your household, it only impacts you and your dependents. If you consider the problem of waste management in your colony, it impacts the whole colony and so it is a bigger problem. Consider child labor as a problem that is even bigger because it impacts children in so many countries. Consider global warming or terrorism, it impacts the whole world.

He continued to say –

Your life is meant for bigger purposes. We always talk about bigger aims, bigger dreams and bigger life. Your life can be as big as your problem is. If you want to crib and spend all of your energy in solving a problem with your Mother in law that only impacts you – then your life is not big. To make your life big, choose a bigger problem. Make it your personal problem, give it your time and energy – only then you can go on to make bigger impact on the world.

It made all the sense to me and for that moment I really felt that my problems are just nothing and yet I am spending all of my energy in just trying to solve them which takes me nowhere.

Further down the course, we were also made to choose a bigger problem and work on it. I chose to work on “Child Sexual Abuse” and made quite a way into it. I got connected to some amazing people and their work in this area. I went on to become a “Sex Education Counselor” though I am not working in that area anymore.

This thought makes me think bigger, every time life pulls me down. I ask myself quite often “What problem am I solving and why am I solving this one? Is there a bigger problem that I just want to choose?”

And almost every time just this thought resolves my petty problems.