Hi Everyone,

How are you doing?  Are you enjoying the winters or despising it?  Well, I had my share of cursing the weather when I was in Brussels.  It was grey and gloomy back there and worse thing is we have it for a greater part of the year😟.  Now I am in Delhi, enjoying “dilli ki sardi”.  India has always been colorful and winters have a different charm.  Aroma of delicacies traveling all the way from kitchen when you are in a place just next to heaven i.e. under your quilt, pure ecstasy !  And hot lip smacking street food has always been Delhi’s speciality.  Golden rays of sun filtering through the green leaves wishing you in the front yard of the house (Okay, make it balconies as yards are not seen everywhere in cities) along with the ever inquisitive and more than friends neighbours is a fun of different zone ( at least for me who see neighbours rarely at my place:) ) And dullness is not in Delhi’s air.  Always hustling and bustling.  So, coming to Delhi has always been an awaited event on my calendar.  More because I am a Delhite having spent nearly 24 years here.   And this trip is more special because it’s my brother’s marriage!  All shackles break loose for shopping as sister of groom.  Can you see me dancing?

And my shopping spree started on Saturday itself :).  It was during this shopping session I came across two distinct incidents that made me think “Are the policies leaving an impact?”

  • Incident 1:  A woman was trying to dispose of some litter in front of a shop suddenly encountered by a voice.  Along with her I turned my head to that combat “Mam can’t you see the dustbin right in front of you?  Would you do the same at your home too?”  She was embarrassed and I was surprised.  That incident made me think is this the impact of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan”or simply the instinct of that shop owner who cared to keep the vicinity of his shop clean?
  • Incident 2:  I went to a shop to buy some stuff for my kids.  After the items to be purchased were finalized of course with minimal discount (any amount of discount is welcome) I asked for the bill. To this the owner said “if you want the proper bill and not a rough one then you have to shell hundred more on your bill amount and explained some sales TAX concept.  It certainly raised my eyebrow.  I was quick enough to respond him “Aren’t we supposed to pay our taxes?  Isn’t it for our benefit in the long run?”  To this he quickly took out his billing book and prepared the final bill and said “It’s not like that we don’t keep our accounts regular but we wanted you to save some bucks”.   Shall I take his words at face value?  Let it be, I said to myself.  Paying out few more bucks won’t make me a pauper but trying to save that petty cash would surely dent the country’s prosperity.  No record for sale means no sale at all, I mean no income for that shop owner and no income means no tax.  Whatever amount we have paid for the purchase directly adds to the black money (unaccounted) and  lack of revenue at the government’s disposal would in turn burn a hole in our pockets in the form of higher taxes and prices.  Food for thought isn’t it?

Any policy from any government of any country would only be successful if it is ably supported by the people (talking about the democratic set up) Period!  But in both the situations mentioned above: accepted or denial; positive or negative – Impact is surely felt.  And my country is definitely moving, hopefully marching towards betterment.



  1. First of all congratulations for ur brother’s wedding… It’s the most fun time of ur life when Ur sibling gets married..

    Like you I too want to feel optimistic that our country is changing.. marching towards betterment. Though the cynical part of me says the shop owner was probably worried about his shop front being littered.. but anyways that lady will think twice before littering now..


    1. First of all thanks for stopping by. Whatever may be the reason for the shopowner’s disgust but the lady will surely be deterred in future from doing so. Actually if everyone thinks that a radius of 50km is his home and no one should marr it then we will have a clean country.

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