Who What Why When,

Stood holding their hands again,

Little How slowly crept,

Left behind it quietly wept.

Oh my dear, Why is true love so pure,

And hearts around search for it here and there?

Why does the grass wither and flower wilt,

Even though the earth has been so beautifully built?

What is this life and the end of it all,

Will Doomsday truly befall?

What gains a man from fame, health and wealth,

Will they be worth all the toil and stealth?

Who is a friend so dear,

That’ll always stick very near?

Who would give justice,

In the face of grave unending injustice?

When’ll peace reign in the earth,

And sorrow and pain become blissfully dearth?

When’ll all men have hearts of flesh,

And malice, hatred, anger become like a worn-out mesh?

How’ll I have answers to my questions,

Can anyone give me viable suggestions?

Can finite mortality

Fathom the infinite immortality?

Can uncertain irrationality

Explain certain rationality?

What is unseen will soon be seen,

No matter how much be the gap between.

What is unheard will soon be heard,

So what if now things seem very blurred!

My questions will have answers,

My pains will reap heavy gains.

Every heart shall rejoice,

And sing with a united voice.

The Sun of righteousness shall rise,

And greet everyone with a prize,

There shall be no deep sighs,

And no more ignorant whys.