When I was a small kid, I often had a lot of questions. Most of them my parents could answer for me, but many they couldn’t. I often reflected on my life and that of others; sometimes I felt luckier and other times I felt envious of other’s lives.

This is what I wrote as a 13 year old kid while reflecting one late night

Luck is the most unpredictable part of life. When it turns and how it turns – nobody knows. Death, marriage, life, family, friends, children and so many things we say are dependent on luck. But what is luck dependent upon?

Is it the deeds of this life or the deeds of our previous lives? Or is it just in random dependent upon nothing. 

If it is dependent on the deeds of this life then I wonder what bad has been done by that infant who is the sixth child of those parents who are living in a small cell, starving and struggling to survive. He has just opened his eyes to see what this world looks like. He is too innocent to do a wrong to somebody. Then why has he got such miserable life and I have such a beautiful one to deal with. 

No dear, it can’t be the deeds of this life. It has to be the doings of our previous lives. How unfair it is that we are being punished for those deeds committed by us which we don’t even remember. It is very strange; I cannot quite understand the mystery of the maze prepared by the Almighty.

I wrote this almost 20 years back. I still don’t have the answers. All I know is that I have to trust Him and do my best in whatever I do. Whatever happens, happens for a good reason – we are mostly blind to that reason because we do not understand the bigger picture. 

Well, the quest will always continue…