From the perspective of a foodie I have often patronized the fact that I LOVE BIRYANI. Not just any Biryani but the famous Kolkata biryani that comes with the humble potato. The love that I have for this item cannot be compared with the fondness that I have for other eatables. I have such humongous affection for biryani that I can devour it for all the meals of the day (Trust me I’ve done that as well).

But, consuming something for ages that is lardy and heavy comes with a price. I have to watch my weight as I am going on its higher side. It gives rise to gastric ulcers resulting in chest pain and fatigue. Numerous breakouts like acne on the skin are noticeable. Having experienced the results of some sorts I pledged to reduce the intake of such items at the start of the year. Yes, I took a resolution (I doubt its sustenance though).

You must be wondering why I suddenly related to gastronomy and my resolution at the beginning of this article as the topic for the week is “Quest of Life”. However trivial may it sound, this does help me relate to a pertinent question that I have been pondering upon lately. To what extent must a people go on living their regular lives till they realize they need a change? Do we really find contentment in the things we do?

We all take decisions regarding various aspects in our life which are far more important than having biryani. Do we really find satisfaction in leading our lives the way we want to? How far should we go to satiate ourselves till we become self-sufficient? We run after our desires and do not rest until we achieve our targets. As soon as we accomplish we set new goals and prepare our quest for them. Our interests keep changing. We have forgotten to be consistent. We change with the shift in trends. A new trend sees a new you. Somewhere in this changing process we tend to lose ourselves to the temporary changes. Change for consistency and sustenance is what we don’t aim for. I am not saying that change is bad as in some cases it is necessary and changing for the good has its own rewards. Now let us address the question of self-sufficiency. Can we ever become self-sufficient? The answer is NO. The mortal human cannot achieve self-sufficiency. How much we try to acquire knowledge, skill etc. we will never be enough for ourselves.

If this is the case then why do we resist ourselves from showing love and being kind? Why do we prioritize ourselves and feed our selfish desires? We spend our time worrying and planning for an unseen future. Discontentment and dissatisfaction encompasses us giving rise to displeasure. We are annoyed with our human nature. But the truth is there is no need for such annoyance as we cannot change the fact that we are dust and to dust we will return. Where do we find the solution to end up this displeasure? The joy will be found when we know who our Provider is. The previous week we were illuminated with the various facets of God’s nature. Self-sufficiency is one of them. Your Creator knows you best. Trust me when I say He will give you what you NEED and not what you WANT. Running after something that you want will only add up to the dissatisfaction that is already present. Therefore, submission to someone like this is what we need to do.  This is the key to be contented and peaceful amidst all chaos and imperfection.

We do realize the times when we want to change for the better, isn’t it? Still, we feel like lingering on to irrelevant and unnecessary things. At times these unnecessary things can be toxic enough to destroy us. Though we want to let go we don’t take a step further in it. That is when we see ourselves engulfed in worries and discontentment. As we keep on prioritizing ourselves losing out becomes a red mark and we tend to have false hopes. Let me tell you, there is a unique joy in losing out to the righteous. But you will only feel it once you step out of that zone and embrace the right path. Innumerable times we ignore the call to joy and continue to break ourselves till we become soulless. Stop right there and answer to the call. Stop trying to do everything by yourself. You certainly cannot turn every stone. The reason for that I have mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

The birds never reap, sow or store as they are aware of their Provider, The Heavenly Father. Hence, they do not worry. We humans are more valuable than them yet we are in constant vexation. So if you too are struggling with the thought of changing for good, transforming into the ideal human, identify your needs before your wants and submit to the will of the Creator. If this makes you a weak person delight in it as you will realize that your strength relies in nothing but God who has promised never to forsake us come what may.

Even if we know this very well…yet why are we so discontent and dissatisfied?



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